Help! I'm Almost 40 And Still Single

In this video, Relationship & YourTango Expert Jasbina Ahluwalia answers a reader's question: "I'm almost 40 and still single. What's wrong with me? Why can't I find a good man to settle down with?" Two CRITICAL Lessons Single Women Over 40 Can Learn From Oprah

As Jasbina points out, this reader isn't the only one in this situation. In fact, there are approximately 32 million single women in this country, compared to only 20 million single men, and the tendency of men to marry younger woman doesn't help the odds for the 40+ crowd. Even though the state of the dating game is out of your control, you can adjust your mindset and level of flexibility to increase your chances of finding love.

Jasbina outlines the following questions you should ask yourself:
1. Do you have a tendency to rule men out?
2. Do you have a mile-long checklist of unrealistic expectations?
3. Are you starting to believe that there are not any good men out there?

Remember, our beliefs affect our experiences. Learn why your subconscious may be limiting your ability to find a good man by watching the video above.