How To Love Without Losing Yourself Along The Way

Learn to start new relationships without sacrificing your identity!

Help! I Always Lose Myself In Relationships [VIDEO]

When it comes to budding love and new relationships, we've all had moments where we felt a little lost. Trying to find our footing while getting to know our partner can sometimes take a toll on our own self esteem because we often try to change ourselves into whatever image we think they will like best. If you have a tendency to lose your sense of identity when you start seeing someone new, you have to know that you are definitely not alone. Relationship expert Larry Michel explains that one of the reasons why people fall into this unfortunate pattern is because they have a misconceived notion about relationships and what partnerships are all about.

So, what can you do to overcome the problem? Step one mainly involves setting boundaries for yourself. You have to do this in order to figure out your personal desires. When starting a new relationship, many people think it is okay for the person you are with to be there for you all the time. This co-dependency is not healthy at all because a relationship should be a partnership. You have to separate yourself from your partner in order to have a successful and healthy relationship. Learning how to start new relationships without sacrificing your identity along the way will make all of the difference.