How Much Of My Romantic Life Should I Share On Twitter?

You love your boyfriend or girlfriend. You also love social media. Does that mean you should combine your two loves so that everyone on your friends list knows who you're going to bed with... and when? Can A Twitter Romance Lead To Real-Life Love?

In this video, Cyber Dating Coach & YourTango Expert Julie Spira advises a reader who says she often sees couples talking about each other on Twitter. She wonders if she should start doing the same with her significant other. As Julie points out, celebrities Tweet about the details of their romantic relationships all the time (because they think everyone cares), but that doesn't mean you and your significant other should start.

Learn why it's important to be on the same page with your partner when it comes to how much you share on social media, and how revealing too much on Twitter or Facebook can lead to a major Relationship Fail. Now, no one wants that!