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10 Fabulously Fun Ways To Beat The Winter Blues As A Couple


January and February don't have the happiest reputations, as far as months go. The short days and cold nights, the post-holiday hangover, the fact that summer is such a long time away... This can all take a toll on your relationship if you're not careful. The good news is, what may seem like a relationship rut is most likely just the winter blues — something tons of people suffer from without even knowing it. More good news: There are many fun, easy ways to inject some fun into your relationship in the winter and keep from getting bored. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

1. Oscars fun. Catch up on all the Oscar-nominated movies together before the big awards show. This means a lot of steamy movie nights together. Then it's time for a little healthy competition: Write in your predictions for every category, and see who gets more of them right! 

2. Superbowl madness. Throw a Superbowl party together. Even if he likes football and you don't (or vice versa), planning a menu, inviting friends and prepping for the big game will help you bond and have fun. Our favorite big-game snack foods are sliders and pigs in a blanket: munchies you'll both love.

3. Fun in the snow. Get out there and go ice skating, sledding, you name it. Even if it's not cold or snowy where you live, being active together boosts your endorphins, which puts both of you in a better mood (fewer fights!).

4. Margarita party. Then again, sometimes being inactive is the optimal choice. Our editor Faye suggests cranking up the heat for an hour, making margaritas (put sugar on the rim for a sweet variation), and jamming out to Bob Marley. Every little thing is gonna be alright.

5. Shop til you drop. We all know that men can be fashion-challenged. Go shopping together, and help him pick out a scarf or peacoat that'll spruce up his style a little. He'll appreciate all the effort you put into helping him with a task he's clueless about, and you'll appreciate that he no longer looks like a schlub. I'm pretty sure Jonah Hill has a girlfriend who does just this. I mean, have you seen his transformation recently?

6. TV time. Watch an entire season of a TV show together in a weekend, suggests our editor Tom. That type of laziness takes real dedication, and will result in some major bonding. You'll be quoting or analyzing it for weeks to come, especially if it's something meaty like The West Wing or The Wire. And make sure it's a show neither of you has seen before, so it's a new discovery for both.

7. Study buddy. Are one or both of you studying for a huge exam, like the Bar, or applying to jobs/grad school? Help him (or let him help you) by quizzing with flash cards, editing cover letters, or helping prepare an admissions essay. It will spur you to talk about your goals and dreams — and kill two birds with one stone. Who said you can't combine business and pleasure?

8. Soup for you. Nurse those colds, or help each other stay healthy, by cooking up a healthy soup recipe. Couples who cook together stay together.

9. Sexy shindig. Spend a whole afternoon in bed dreaming up new things to do to each other. Let your imagination run wild. For inspiration, watch an erotic movie or find a new sex position in a book. You're sure to discover something you really, really like doing that you didn't know about. 

10. Everyday happiness. You don't always need to plan a special activity to keep your relationship happy and fun. Everyday actions, like kissing your partner every morning and saying "please" and "thank you," have a major positive impact on your well-being as a couple. 

What do you and your partner do to make the winter more fun?

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