5 Reasons Russell Brand & Katy Perry's Divorce Was Inevitable

5 Reasons Russell Brand & Katy Perry's Divorce Was Inevitable
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Surprised about the news that Russell Brand filed for divorce last week from Katy Perry? We weren't.

After much speculation and a Christmas spent in different parts of the world, Russell Brand filed for divorce last week from his wife of a little over a year, Katy Perry. And while some of their fans might be shocked by the split, we had a feeling these two crazy kids might have been rushing into things when they became engaged in December 2009, just three months after they started dating. Below are five reasons we saw their divorce coming from miles away.

1. Russell Rushed Katy Into Marriage

By Russell Brand's own account, he and Katy didn't start dating until they reconnected at the September 2009 VMA Awards, where they were spotted making out at an after-party. And although they were only officially a couple for a few short months before they got engaged, Russell didn't want to wait to marry the pop singer and proposed to Katy, then 25, on a holiday trip to India.

"He is a recovering addict and in love with the idea of being in love. He told her that they'd overcome any obstacle. Katy's actually very young and impressionable compared to him, so when he said, 'Let's get married! What could possibly go wrong, we're so in love!' she was totally taken in," said a source to Star Magazine back in July 2011. Katy Perry And Russell Brand: A Divorce In Four Months?

2. The Breakup Rumors Started Immediately

Even before they were married, the media constantly speculated that Russell and Katy were on the verge of a breakup. Maybe it was because of Russell's former womanizing ways or maybe it was because of their constant fighting in public, but in August 2010, a few months before their wedding, it was rumored that Katy and Russell were already utilizing daily relationship counseling. Katy Perry & Russell Brand: Already In Counseling

3. They Spent Most Of Their Marriage Apart

In a case of bad timing, both Katy and Russell's careers exploded around the time they first got together, which meant that they spent the majority of their relationship on separate continents. Katy supposedly even had to schedule their counseling appointments on the phone, long-distance.

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