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Katy Perry And Russell Brand: A Divorce In Four Months?

Katy Perry and Russell Brand, marriage

Looks like there might already be trouble in paradise for pop star Katy Perry and her hubby Russell Brand. The dynamic duo has been married for less than a year, but it seems the honeymoon phase has fizzled out since the two have spent most of their marriage apart. 

According to predictions by Star Magazine, Perry and Brand could be parting ways before they celebrate their first anniversary in four months. Why? Well, there's the distance, of course. They both have demanding work schedules which keep them in different parts of the world for months at a time. And when they do get a chance to be together, it's certainly not what they need to build a new marriage.

Add to that recent photos of Brand holding hands with a female stylist on the set of his new movie, and you have enough material for speculations about the future of their marriage. Expert Marriage Advice: Katy Perry & Russell Brand

"Neither of them thought about the crushing reality of their demanding careers or the effect it would have on the marriage," a mutual friend told the magazine. "They love each other, but they're barely ever together."

Honestly, we wouldn't blame Perry if she started to worry about her husband's fidelity while she's touring overseas. He is, after all, an admitted sex addict who sought treatment for his addiction. In fact, it might be strange if Perry wasn't concerned. Especially after seeing that photo of Brand and his blonde stylist. Katy Perry & Russell Brand: Already In Counseling

 "Katy wants to save the marriage, but she is starting to think that if she's not physically there, Russell will be cozying up to other girls because he's a guy who needs human contact and reassurance," said the source.

On top of all this, people close to Perry worry that she rushed into marriage with Brand at his insistence. 

"It was all Russell's doing," a mutual friend says of Perry and Brand's whirlwind romance. "He is a recovering addict and in love with the idea of being in love. He told her that they'd overcome any obstacle. Katy's actually very young and impressionable compared to him, so when he said, 'Let's get married! What could possibly go wrong, we're so in love!' she was totally taken in."

We're all for seeing them make it to their first wedding anniversary, but we hope if they do stay together, they'll spend the second year of marriage together What A Year In Marriage Taught Us About Love

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