YourTango Quickies: What A Man's Finger Length Says About Him

This week we learned that you should never date a guy with bad teeth whose ring finger is the same length as his index finger, especially if you have a thin upper lip.

- Ladies, if you've ever wondered what it would take to get your guy to floss, tell him this: poor oral hygiene may lead to erectile dysfunction. According to a new study, periodontitis—inflammation or infection of the gums—impaired rats' ability to get hard. Men are obviously different from rodents (despite what some angry gals might have you believe), but researchers made the connection to human males based on findings from previous studies that showed men with periodontitis were more likely to have E.D. Study authors claim that treating cases of periodontitis in males will improve their sexual health. So guys, get flossing!

- Penis size is a big topic on our site, and this week we learned something that will certainly fuel discussion for years to come. While you can't judge a man's member by the size of his hand, it turns out that you CAN determine his penis size by the ratio of his ring finger to his index finger. The bigger the ratio, the bigger the rod. Ahem. Want to size him up discretely? Offer to read his palm or give him a hand massage. Or skip it altogether, because as we all know, it's not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean...

- Men, lest you think that you're the only ones subject to reductive determinations of your sexuality, new research has shown that the shape of a woman's lips can tell you whether she can have vaginal orgasms. According to this researcher, women with a full upper lip—specifically, the part below the dip in your upper lip, sometimes called the Cupid's Bow—are more likely to orgasm from intercourse alone. Little sex 101: A vaginal orgasm is a climax that comes from stimulating the inside of the vagina. According to some studies, only 50 percent of women can come from intercourse alone; the rest need clitoral stimulation as well. But ladies with thin upper lips, don't despair. You might actually be the lucky ones—because who would ever say no to a little helping hand?

- Men say "I love you," 42 days earlier than women, according to a new study. But before you go thinking that this upends the stereotype that women are more into love and men are more into sex, researchers also found that men drop the L-word before sex because they think it ups their chances of getting some in the future, while women want to say it after sex because they believe it increases their chances of commitment.