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26 Of The BEST Pieces Of Love Advice We Learned From Dear Old Dad

We appreciate the bike-riding tips, room-and-board and wisdom that the big guy provides. He also says things that stick in our minds forever. Here are some of the best love advice that dad has given our staff, our friends on Facebook and our followers on Twitter. Feel free to chime in with your own dad advice. 

1. "Have safe sex." - Sarah Harrison

2. "Know what you want from a man." - Melanie Gorman

3. "Marriage is not an insurance policy; more often than not it changes the most spectacular love into something unrecognizable." - Susan Boyd

4. "Keep them at arm's length." - Claire Daniel

5. "An asshole ex is like a malignant tumor. You have to cut him out to begin recovery. (My dad's a surgeon.)" - Denise Ngo

6. "You can't change someone's personality, vices or habits... no matter how hard you try." - Laura Franco

7. "Remember that we're all on the same team here." - Tom Miller

Our Tweet Peeps:

8. "To find a man who treats me with respect. My stepdad is still SO harsh on guys I date... but I appreciate his protectiveness." - @NatashaNBurton

9. "That it's my mother's fault his life is ruined. Lol." - @AllHailQueenAli

10. "Stay alert." - @My_T_AFROdite

11. "Leave them hood rats alone." - @iamsnowking3009

12. "Trust no woman." - @gransome

And Our Facebook Fans:

13. "Marry rich, cause you can't live with us forever." - Karen L

14. "Just remember every man expects his wife to cook, clean, make children, bring him beer, love him, obey him, etc... EVERY MAN! They just don't admit it." - Kate Y

15. "There is only one kind of love, but there are a thousand imitations." - Brent T

16. "Loving each other isn't enough. You've got to respect each other." - Michelle P

17. "Don't wear too much eye makeup or people will think you're a butana." - Kimber S

18. "Watch how he treats his mother, because once he is comfortable with you that's how he'll treat you." - Wendy M

19. "If a boy really likes you, he will come after you." - Amy R

20. "Always stand up for yourself and what you believe in your heart is right. Never let a man determine your self worth. Be strong, no matter what." - Susie H

21. "Just because you make a decision doesn't mean you can't make another one." - Victor P

22. "Live by your choices and learn from your mistakes." - Zelda P

23. "Make sure you marry a man that can take care of you, and fix your car... so I married a mechanic." - Mary L

24. "You don't lose when you get knocked down you only lose when you give up." - Thomas R

25. "If your wife is not happy, then no one in the house will be happy." - James B

26. "Cross your legs." - Avril C

Not sure I could have closed it any better way. What love advice has your dad given you?