World's Oldest Newlyweds Marry On Groom's 100th Birthday

world's oldest newlyweds

As promised, Rose Pollard, 90, finally marries her partner of 28 years on his 100th birthday.

You're not done living until you're dead, or so says Pastor Sam Lewis who recently married long-time lovers, Rose Pollard, 90, and Forrest Lunsway, 100. 5 Reasons To Look Forward To Old-Age Love

The couple's wedding makes them the world's oldest newlyweds, surpassing the existing Guiness World Record by 82 days. New Trend: Newlyweds Put The Volunteer In Honeymoon

Rose and Forrest first met in December 1983 at a senior center dance in Long Beach, CA. Rose never imagined that 28 years later she'd be married to Forrest, and neither did Forrest when her initial response to his proposal was, "I'll marry you on your 100th birthday."

But, as promised, Rose did just that and by doing so, she gave her now-husband the one thing he wanted for his birthday: her hand in marriage. Attracting What You Don't Want? How To Get Only The Good Stuff!

The ceremony took place in front of community members, friends and family, and as reported by the Dana Point Times, Rose and Forrest spent their first night as "a Mr. and Mrs. Lunsway in a room at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott of Dana Point, a gift from the hotel, complete with champagne and strawberries in their room."

As for his age, Forrest doesn't feel like he’s 100 but rather 65. He attributes his longevity to his active lifestyle, always having worked outdoors and keeping busy.

And after almost three centuries together, it's no surprise Rose and Forrest have some wise words for young couples today.

"Take your time and get to know one another,” Rose told The Daily. "Get to know if you like all the things that person stands for. If they have the same values."

Also, Rose urges young couples to be patient, forgiving and to say "I love you."

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