Emotional Video Captures 90-Year-Old Woman Reuniting With Her Husband Of 67 Years After Surviving Coronavirus

A forever kind of love.

Emotional Video Captures 90-Year-Old Woman Reuniting With Her Husband Of 67 Years After Surviving Coronavirus jacob lund / shutterstock.com

Coronavirus isolation has been hard on everyone, but perhaps the hardest on Joyce and Don Hoffman, a 90-year-old couple who spent over a month separated because of COVID-19 — the first time they've ever been apart.

On May 1st, Joyce tested positive for the Coronavirus and was put in isolation at the assisted living center where she and her husband Don reside. 

This isolation period was super difficult for both her, her husband, and their family of two children and four grandchildren.


But don't worry — this coronavirus story has a good ending.

Joyce recovered and graduated from the COVID unit on June 11, 2020, and finally, after 5 long weeks, she was reunited with her husband of 67 years. 

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“After every resident ‘graduates’ from our COVID unit, all of our staff gather to celebrate and have a parade for them," Brittany Scheidt, a staff member at Hooverwood Living in Indianapolis, told WTTV-TV. This celebration was incredibly special because we planned a surprise reunion for Joyce and Don — he didn’t know she was coming back yesterday.”


This was the longest they have been apart in almost 7 decades of marriage.

Joyce and the staff surprised Don with the reconciliation. The nurse asked him to hold flowers and did not tell them who they were for and then she turned him around to be reunited with his wife. 

Upon seeing each other for the first time in over a month, there was not a dry eye in the room as Joyce and Don's love for each other shined in their eyes. 


"I could cry from happiness," Don said in the video. 

All they could do was kiss each other's hands through their masks, and she stood to give him a hug. 

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They could not stop holding hands for the longest time after being reunited.

Don told her, "You look so wonderful." 

She replied, "I look so terrible."

He said, "No you're beautiful. You look so beautiful. How beautiful. Oh my."

Joyce replied, "How can you be so cute?" 

Can you say relationship goals? 

The entire staff was smiling and in tears over the happiness and love that the couple has for each other. They were so happy that they could make this reunion happen for the couple. 


They are the perfect example of love as soulmates and an inspiration to us all. 

"It was a special moment that we will all remember forever at Hooverwood," Scheidt said.

No one will forget this beautiful expression of love. It's something everyone can hope to have at some point in their life. 


Joyce and Don are celebrating their 67th anniversary on July 13, 2020. And after 67 years of marriage, they still light up when they see each other.

It's the purest kind of love that and an example that love can last forever.

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