Text Me: 3 Reasons Why Your Reply Should Wait

By Tony Nguyen, BounceBack Staff

Your cell phone goes off. And you know it’s a text message from that special somebody. On impulse, you begin to key a response. 17 seconds later, it’s sent. But are you maximizing your time to, well, make that person want you even more?

Suppress your urge to respond promptly and wait even longer. Below are 3 reasons why you should:

Waiting keeps them wondering. A lapse in your conversation won’t hurt. If anything, it enhances the dialogue. That special somebody is probably anticipating your next text. And you know this. But make them wait for it. They’ll wonder why it hasn’t arrived.


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Waiting lets you take control of the conversation. That special somebody makes you giddy. But why haven’t they responded to the text you sent three minutes ago? Instead of waiting for their response, have them wait for yours. Because, really, do you want to be at their beck and call? It’s a game. Gain the upper hand in this technological tug of war.


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Waiting signals your independence. Texting is a powerful tool. So powerful that we often become (too) infatuated with the people we’re trying to woo. Conscientiously waiting for that next text is a sign of attachment. And take that as a warning. If your day starts to revolve around the timely response of that special somebody, dependence is kicking in. Take back your show of independence because one text can always wait!


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Chances are, you’re waiting for a text. Right now. And once it arrives, don’t jump the gun. Anticipation is a cute feeling to have, but go beyond your comfort zone. Wait 10, 15, or even 20 minutes longer than you usually would to respond. After all, it’s extra time they have to twiddle their fingers and wait, while thinking about you.


Tony Nguyen is a Marketing Manager at BounceBack. He’s a Western Washington University graduate (Vikings!), loves everything about the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and is a huge foodie.


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