Astrology Predicts Bad News For Will And Kate's Wedding Day

Prince William Kate Middleton

When you are born, astrology uses the placement of the stars to calculate your birthchart. This chart explains your personality, as well as the potentials and pitfalls you may face throughout your life.

Prince William was born with his Sun in Cancer, while Kate is a Capricorn. These two sun signs are opposites, making them a perfect astrological pairing. Opposite signs complement and complete each other, so it's as if Kate and William have found a missing bit of themselves in each other. William's kind, nurturing qualities mixes well with Kate's brings a soft pragmatism.

But did you know that events, just like people, have birth charts? When you get married, astrologers can use the time, date and place of your union to draw up the marriage's "birthchart." This chart will influence you throughout the course of your married life, well past your wedding date, no matter what your sign compatibility is with your partner. 

On April 29, 2011, Kate and Williams's wedding day, nearly all of the planets are in disharmonious positions, which could mean a married life filled with challenges and misunderstandings. They would have been better off waiting a month or two to wed under more harmonious skies. In fact, if Princess Diana were around today she never would have allowed the couple to wed on April 29. Diana used astrologers, and any good astrologer would have told Waity Katey that it may have been a good idea to wait just a wee bit longer.

So what, exactly, does astrology have to say for Kate and Will's wedding day and marriage? Read on!

The Wedding Day

Tension behind the scenes. All weddings are a bit tense, but this one will have more behind-the-scenes drama than most. There is a massive, disharmonious pattern set to happen on April 29 between nearly all the planets: Saturn, Pluto, the Moon, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. But despite the private discord, a pile-up of planets in the house of PR means the public will think all is rosy.

More enthusiasm from abroad than at home. The world will definitely be watching this royal wedding. With Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and the Moon in the sector of foreigners, there could be more tourists than Brits lining the streets of London on the big day. The wedding is a PR coup for the tourist board, and the young couple will connect well with the worldwide public. The Brits themselves may have a more reserved attitude when it comes to the ceremony, due to Saturn in the sector of the local neighborhood opposing the aforementioned cluster of planets.

Security Alert. On the big day, Mars will be in the house that rules terrorism and Jupiter, the planet that rules terrorism, will be in line, meaning the country will be on heightened alert. This conjunction could also manifest itself in accidents or lovers' quarrels.

Their Marriage

Differing philosophies, poor communication. As we've seen from their sun signs, Will and Kate have different conceptual outlooks on life. Their wedding day chart shows that rather than talking things out to reach common ground, they may just go silent. Instead, they should make an effort to communicate openly. 

Material stability butting heads with more intimate emotional needs. The marriage asteroid Juno in the house of material possessions is opposing Ceres, the asteroid of intimacy, in the house of sex and shared resources. The couple may place too much emphasis on propriety and running the household, and not enough on emotional abandon and physical passion. In other words, their marriage may be more Jane Austen than Emily Brontë.

Kate will always hit her mark. The marriage asteroid Juno in Virgo is in the Sun's sector of public recognition. Kate will be the perfect wife to the eyes of the world, always carrying off her duties to perfection; if she's ever a loose cannon, it will only be in private. 

A PR Dream Team. As mentioned above, Kate and will may not be able to communicate with each other, but they'll be unstoppable as a team when projecting a public image to the world at large. The asteroid of governance, Pallas, in the sector of committed partnership and teamwork, is in a harmonious position with the planet of communication, Mercury, in the sector ruling public relations. These two are a formidable pairing when it comes to putting on the right face to the world.

Loved more abroad than at home. As on their wedding day, throughout their union these two will garner more love and excitement from abroad than they will from their own subjects, who respect them, but without the levels of fascination heaped on Charles and Diana. Travel could be a hallmark of their union and could do a lot to bring them together as a couple. This will also enable them to act as ambassadors of British culture around the world.

More glamorous on paper than in reality. With chic Leo rising to prominence in the charts, but the Sun in sensible Taurus, these two will seem a lot more flashy than their normal, rather boring, down-to-earth reality would suggest.

Durable, but duty-bound. The one major harmonious transit of this chart is a very powerful one indeed: the Sun is in harmonious positioning with Pluto, the planet of transformation. This union is extremely durable. There is an intense bond within the relationship that can't easily be broken. 

When fairy tales and reality combine. Dreamy Neptune is conjunct truth-revealing Chiron in the house of intimacy. Kate and Will may go through a constant, recurring pattern of fairy-tale love followed by cold, sober reality. Through their experiences with each other, they will constantly be learning what they do—and don't—want in life, as well as in each other.

Astrology isn't fate but potential. It's all about discovering strengths and problem areas so as to be better equipped to work on solving those issues. In the end, despite an inauspicious wedding date, Kate and William can still overcome their differences in communication and philosophical outlook, leading to a happily ever after, after all.