The 10 Most Notorious Celebrity Womanizers

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Notorious Celebrity Womanizers

Our list of Hollywood's most famous male serial daters.

Hollywood is practically known for the dating and mating habits of its stars. The celebs hook up and shake up on a pretty regular basis, making headlines across the country for their many flings. Especially those boys. Of course, there are a handful of men who've been linked to crazy numbers of ladies. Those select few have risen above the rest to take a spot on our list of the most notorious celebrity womanizers. Pretty big honor, eh? We count them down.

1. Charlie Sheen. We don't know if Charlie Sheen's exactly "winning" anymore since CBS just terminated his services on Two and a Half Men, but he's always seemed to score with the ladies. Along with taking the top spot on our round-up, he also notched a place on Maxim's list of "10 Living Sex Legends". His tally of women is reportedly well over 5,000. At the ripe old age of 45, he could still have years of womanizing ahead of him. Unless he settles down with the goddesses for good, that is. 

2. Warren Beatty. Before he put a ring on Annette Bening, the acting legend bedded a jaw-dropping 12,775 women according to his biography. One word: Insane.

3. Jack Nicholson. This silver-screen icon is responsible for six children with five different women, and his number is somewhere around 2,000. But as he's gotten older and wiser, it turns out The Jack is a secret softie looking for some real lovin'. He recently revealed he would be up for one last great romance.

4. Tiger Woods. Well, 2010 was the Year of the Tiger—quite literally. In late 2009, thirteen women came forward claiming they'd had extramarital affairs with professional golf's golden boy. He spent the next year dealing with the overwhelming fallout of his mistakes and finalizing that very-public divorce from his wife, Elin. Tiger's womanizing was probably the most shocking to date. 

5. George Clooney. After his three-year marriage to Talia Balsam ended, George said he would never tie the knot again—and the man has kept his word. Instead, he's had numerous girlfriends including Kelly Preston, Teri Hatcher, Krista Allen, Lucy Liu and his current lady-love, Elisabetta Canalis. Will she finally get this ultimate bachelor to the altar? 

6. Hugh Hefner. Hef is the brains behind Playboy. There was a reality show that followed his life with three live-in girlfriends well into his 80s. Need we say more? 

7. Colin Farrell. From Britney Spears to Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan to pre-Brad Angelina, Colin Farrell has had his fair share of females. To cement his womanizer status on our list, he apparently once spent over two hours trying to seduce Dame Eileen Atkins—who happens to be 42 years his senior. She declined. One of the few to do so, it seems…

8. Desi Arnaz. Desi was one of the original Hollywood womanizers. When he was married to Lucille Ball, his excessive flirting and heavy drinking took a huge toll on their relationship. In his autobiography, A Book, he even went so far as to say he was culturally programmed to sleep with prostitutes and cheat on his wife. Interesting excuse for infidelity, isn't it?

9. Jude Law. The Brit charmer cheated on Sadie Frost with Sienna Miller. Then, he cheated on Sienna with his nanny. Next, he got a model preggers before making up and breaking up with Sienna again. We try to keep up. 

10. John Mayer. If you're a talented and successful Hollywood beauty, you should probably watch out. John is no doubt about to charm you… unless he already has. The soulful singer has managed to hook up with a good portion of the entertainment elite. Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mandy Moore, Minka Kelly and Taylor Swift are among his conquests, and we don't exactly hear any of those gals singing his praises. In fact, it's the opposite. Swift told us all we needed to know about Mayer's ways on her track, "Dear John": "All the girls that you've run dry have tired, lifeless eyes 'cause you've burnt them out." Ouch.

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