Who Is Tiger Woods' Girlfriend? New Details On Erica Herman And Their 'Toxic' Relationship

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Who is Tiger Woods' girlfriend? The golf star has not had the best luck when it comes to relationships. In fact, his relationship history has been downright awful. But he now has a new girlfriend and hopefully, this relationship will end up better off than the last ones: Woods was exposed as a serial cheater and his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, chased him out of the house with a golf club after learning he’d been unfaithful.


His relationship with skiier Lindsey Vonn didn't work out in the long run, either. But is this new relationship going well? Not exactly. In fact, sources have claimed that his relationship with girlfriend Erica Herman is actually quite "toxic". 

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But what do we know about Woods' girlfriend Erica Herman? Let's investigate.

1. She's the jealous type.

"Erica controls Tiger and gets rid of people around him because she is threatened and jealous ,” a source told Radar. "I mean, can you blame her with the history he has? Tiger may have changed but his reputation still precedes him."


2. Tiger isn't happy in the relationship. 

“She has a temper,” the source said. “They fight and argue.” Although Woods “seems miserable with her” the insider believes they continue to date because he “doesn’t want to be alone.”

3. Or is he?

“No one has signed any paperwork,” a friend said. “It’s not like they’re pledging their lives to each other. But she’s really nice and Tiger likes her.” The source added: “Tiger doesn’t like to be alone. But he doesn’t like to settle. Not anymore. So when he’s with someone, he really needs to be into her.”

4. They've been dating since 2017. 


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The couple went public in November 2017. Herman is 33 and Woods is 42. 


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5. She works at one of his restaurants. 

Herman is general manager of Woods’ Jupiter, Florida restaurant, The Woods Jupiter. 

6. Tiger still has ex drama.

Yes, even more drama than his first failed marriage. Woods was involved in a legal battle with ex-girlfriend Kristin Smith. Smith allegedly signed an NDA in return for money when Woods was caught cheating on her. “This whole [arbitration] has made Kristin mad and he’s just buying time in hopes for her silence,” a source told Radar. “When this is over if he doesn’t get his way, Kristin will have a major story to tell." An insider also alleged that Woods “is using photos of her to try to hurt her.”

7. He's trying to find happiness amid the scandal.

“For a long time, there was a cloud over Tiger,” a source close to Woods previously told People. “He had his surgeries, his setbacks. He’s only human, and those things were like a weight on his shoulders. But today, he’s happier than he’s been in years.”


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