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10 Cheating Celebrity Husbands Who Strayed From Their Spouse

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10 Cheating Celebrity Husbands Who Strayed From Their Spouse

Cheating is, without a doubt, one of the worst offenses that a partner can commit in a relationship. And it can leave their partner stunned, heartbroken, and unable to pick up the pieces of betrayal.

It's such an awful betrayal of trust! And it's a trust that may never be able to be fully regained again, even if the cheater is taken back by the person they cheated on.

Because it's not surprising that after something like this happens in a relationship, there is still much suspicion and resentment left behind. Cheaters end up leaving a trail of heartbreak and doubt in the wake of their misdeeds. 

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However, infidelity, is unfortunately very common. It doesn't matter if a couple is married or not, or what the cheater's gender is — this has sadly become such a widespread problem in many relationships. 

It has become so extensive that multiple scientists have tried to get to the bottom of cheating for years now. With just a quick Google search, one can find countless articles and studies aiming to find out the what, where, and why of infidelity. 

Why do people cheat? Well, it's actually pretty mind-boggling how finding answers for this subject has become so fascinating to the world. Seriously, cheating should be a science of its own by now!

But, perhaps, in our humble opinion, these studies should start taking a deeper look at Hollywood.

Yes, the celeb world is filled to the brim with cheating scandals. Even the most beautiful people in the world can't seem to escape the horror of relationship infidelity. And it doesn't help that their lives are put in the spotlight during probably the most painful time.

As to why anyone in their right mind would cheat on women like Sandra Bullock or Demi Moore is beyond us, but these are just a few ladies in a sea of famous women who have been wronged in the love department by their significant others.

When we hear about our favorite power couple being decimated by the woes of a cheating scandal, it can definitely be upsetting. If our favorite celebrities can't make their happily ever after last, then who can? It's a thought that many of us have about our own relationships.

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If we try to look at it from the lense of Hollywood, it isn't too shocking. It's still 100 percent wrong, but not completely shocking.

Between Tiger Woods and Brad Pitt, it really isn't surprising that these Hollywood men cheat on their wives, is it?

They constantly are meeting new people, and being surrounded by beautiful women all the time doesn't really help the situation.

Whether alcohol or sex addiction was "to blame" for their discrepancies, these 10 famous men all have one thing in common: They've all been accused of straying from their marriages, cheating on their wives, creating turmoil in their relationships, and breaking their beloved's heart.

And each one, in its own unique way, shocked us.

So, let's take a look at some of Hollywood's biggest cheaters, and what went down in their love lives.

Dean McDermott

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10 Cheating Celebrity Husbands

A few years ago, McDermott's private life was all over the news stands after entering rehab for sex addiction.

Unfortunately, rehab brought out some extra information about his scandalous affairs. Supposedly, he admitted to sleeping with five women while being married to Tori Spelling and wasn't always wearing protection. Yikes.

You have five children, sir! Clearly your little men can swim. McDermott is now out of rehab, and he and Spelling agreed to work on the marriage. 

Tony Parker

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10 Cheating Celebrity Husbands

Back in 2010, Eva Longoria filed for divorce after finding some pretty dirty texts between her husband, Tony Parker, and his teammate Brent Barry's wife.

While Erin Barry denied that anything happened between them, another model stepped forward and claimed that Parker had sent her half naked photos.

Okay, it's not so surprising when a sports player cheats, but how could you possibly need another woman when you have Eva Longoria on your arm?

Peter Cook

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10 Cheating Celebrity Husbands

It must have been hard being married to one of America's most beloved supermodels. Back in 2004, architect Peter Cook had an affair with his 18-year-old assistant, Diana Bianchi. When Brinkley discovered the affair, she filed for divorce.

The custody battle was brutal and the divorce was finalized on October 3, 2008. Just days after the divorce, Cook explained to Barbara Walters that it was Brinkley's fault he cheated on her, claiming he was seeking a connection he couldn't find in his marriage.

Well, cheers to Brinkley, because she's still beautiful and no one really knows or cares about Peter Cook anymore.

Ashton Kutcher

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10 Cheating Celebrity Husbands

A month before Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher legally separated, Sara Leal came forward and admitted to her affair with Kutcher while he was vacationing in San Diego.

She claimed that she wasn't aware that he was married (like we believe that), and they had unprotected sex in his hotel room. It was definitely uncool of him to cheat on Moore; however, a part of us is very hopeful about his relationship with Mila Kunis.

David Duchovny

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10 Cheating Celebrity Husbands

Apparently, David Duchovny isn't so different than his character Hank Moody on Californication. Back in 2008, Duchovny allegedly had an affair, and wife Téa Leoni told him to head to rehab for sex addiction or she would leave him.

The couple separated for a few months in 2008 and then reconciled... until 2011 when they split for good. Rumors also speculated that Leoni had a fling with Billy Bob Thornton, but that was never proven true.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

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10 Cheating Celebrity Husbands

What's more surprising: that Schwarzeneggar cheated on Maria Shriver, or that he was once elected governor of California? Turns out, he is an excellent secret-keeper.

In 2011, he opened up to Shriver and admitted that he had a love child with a member of their house staff: Mildred Patricia Baena. His youngest son with Shriver was born just five days before Baena gave birth to his other child. Awkward!

Upon hearing the devastating news, Shriver moved out of the house and filed for divorce. Not long after that, actress Brigitte Nielsen came forward and talked about her affair with the actor while he was dating Shriver.

David Boreanaz

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10 Cheating Celebrity Husbands

It looks like back in 2010, the actor from Bones was messing around with Rachel Uchitel. Name sound familiar? Uchitel was also Tiger Woods' mistress — well, one of them at least.

Text messages were leaked that showed Boreanaz and Uchitel corresponding while his wife, Jaime Bergman, was pregnant with their second child. After all was said and done, Boreanaz and Bergman stayed together and have been working on their marriage ever since.

David Beckham

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10 Cheating Celebrity Husbands

We would like to think that David Beckham would have no reason to stray from his marriage, considering Victoria Beckham is basically one of the hottest women on the planet!

Alas, in 2004 when Beckham was playing for Real Madrid, his personal assistant at the time came forward and claimed she was having an affair with the soccer player.

Rebecca Loos was back in the spotlight nine years after admitting the affair, saying that while she wishes she would've been kinder on Victoria's behalf, she doesn't regret telling the truth about what happened in Spain all those years ago. 

Victoria said that the affair made her and David stronger, although since then there have been multiple claims of more infidelities on Beckham's behalf. 

Chad Michael Murray

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10 Cheating Celebrity Husbands

Everyone was so excited that Brooke and Lucas got hitched in real life, but that fairy tale ending only lasted about five months before Murray was allegedly caught hooking up with his House of Wax co-star, Paris Hilton.

Fortunately, both Murray and Sophia Bush moved on from the marriage, but they still worked together every day for six years after the incident. Sophia, there's a special place in Heaven for you, girl.

Jesse James

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10 Cheating Celebrity Husbands

While the entire world is still most likely upset with James' infidelities, we're happy the truth came out and Bullock got away from him when she did.

In 2010, James was caught cheating on Sandy with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee (whoever that is), and multiple pictures of him sporting Nazi garb came along with it. Gross.

The couple immediately divorced, but it was rumored this wasn't the first time he strayed.

He went on to propose to Kat Von D, who ended their relationship claiming he'd cheated on her as well. Basically, that guy sucks.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in March 2014 and was updated with the latest information.