This Just In: What Your SHOES Reveal About You On A First Date

Whether your favorite pair of shoes is a sexy stiletto or sporty sneakers, your shoes say A LOT about your personality. Women love to buy new shoes for a hot date, but many don't realize the kind of message their shoes are sending—especially on a first date. Studies show that the average woman has approximately 25 pairs of shoes ... and each sends a different signal.

Here are six kinds of shoes and what they say about YOU (choose wisely for your next date!):

1. High Heels

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A woman walking in stilettos has purpose! If you're rocking high heels, you see yourself as sophisticated and sexy. You ooze confidence and walk around 9-inch heels FREELY.

2. Flats

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The lady in flats doesn't like to dress for attention—she's practical AND comfortable. Ballet flats, in particular, also SCREAM feminity! They can be worn in all environments AND dressed up or down depending on your outfit. Plus, they fit in your bag and are perfect as a backup for nights out when your feet can't handle the heels anymore!

3. Knee-High Boots

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In the winter months, every women needs a good, traditional pair of black knee-high boots. They show that you're daring, powerful and not afraid to be noticed. (And they look super sexy both flat and high.)

4. Black Shoes

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A women who exclusively wears black shoes says is a bit conservative and sophisticated. You're a quiet and down to earth and maybe even a career women who simply doesn't want to bring attention to your looks.

5. Bright Shoes (With Colors And Patterns)

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Bright colors (like red!) and crazy designs (like leopard print!) show that you're confident, wild and ready to party. You're unique and not afraid to be the center of attention!

6. Sneakers

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Sneakers show that you're athletic, down to earth and NOT bothered by what people think. You're into fitness. You're outdoorsy. And you're totally not afraid to get a little dirty!

What kind of girl are you? What shoes would YOU pick for a hot date?