Men Spend $150 On Average For Valentine's Day Gifts

man holding roses

Men spend on average twice as much as women do for Valentine's Day gifts.

Originally written by Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff, for Shine

Valentine's Day is supposed to be all about showing your significant other how much you care, and in America we do that by spending lots of money on gifts. For every homemade card create or heart-shaped cookie baked, infinitely more men and women coughing up a different kind of dough on overpriced roses and greeting cards. According to a study by the National Retail Foundation, we are expected to spend a whopping $15.7 billion expressing our love on Valentine's Day.

Apparently men will spend more than twice as much on gifts as women, shelling out $158.71 on average. Aw, you shouldn't have! No really, you probably shouldn't have. That's a lot of money! Dudes, please make sure you can actually afford these gifts, and shop around for flowers so you're not getting completely ripped off. (Also, please don't buy us a scale.) On average, ladies will spend around $75.79, which we figure is about the cost of a fancy cologne.

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