5 Things That Are Total Mood Killers (According To Men)

These things will make you go from killing it in the bedroom...to just plain killing the mood.

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And you thought just nagging him to death or dragging him to the latest rom-com blockbuster were the ultimate no-nos. Turns out, in the world of love, there are more than a handful of moves that can turn a guy off. Here, five of those things that might unexpectedly launch him right out of bed:

1. Your tears 

A study published in the journal Science found that when men smell women's tears, they became less sexually aroused and were less attracted to the same women than when they smelled a saline solution that was dribbled on the women’s cheeks. Researchers think this may illustrate a biochemical cue women give off to non-verbally communicate, "Not tonight dear," particularly when we're PMS-ing or having our periods. Seems like the researchers simply didn't quite know what else to make of it, and therefore had to go and blame everyone's favorite sexist scapegoat, The Crimson Wave. Nonetheless, the writing's on the wall: If you want to keep him hot and bothered, it might pay to curb weepiness. 


2. Painted-on pouts

Many of us never outgrow wanting to play "dress up." We wander the aisles at Sephora searching for the ultimate pink lipstick or super-thickening, lengthening mascara. It's a win-win, right—we have fun playing with makeup, and the result is looking gorgeous. But apparently, men aren't as enthusiastic about it. A recent survey found that one in five men wished his partner would tone down their makeup, while one in ten said he liked women au naturel. If your guy falls into either category, you may do well to tell him, "Fine, but don't you DARE sneak a selfie with me or you're outta here!"


3. Porn 

You're thinking, "What, how can that be???" The occasional skin flick is probably no big thing, but experts say men who frequently view porn may develop unrealistic expectations of women's appearance and behavior, have difficulty forming and sustaining relationships and feeling sexually satisfied.

4. Fruity (or foody) scents

If you think you're going to get his motor running with that cotton candy or creme brulee body cream, think again. According to a scent test done by editors at Cosmopolitan, sugary-smelling, fruity or lollipop-ish perfumes make guys think of the candy store or the kitchen, not the bedroom. The better pick: Eau de Dove soap. Guys seem to prefer to steam it up with gals who smell like they came straight from a sudsy shower.


5. Soy

He might think he's being healthy—and saving you the anguish of dealing with the byproducts of his lactose intolerance!—when he chooses soy milk for his protein shake, but if you know what's good for your sex life, you'll tell him to step away from the soy! The isoflavones in the plant are similar to estrogens in the body, which can have a libido-quashing effect on men. In fact, there's a rumor that monks actually eat soy to stave off sexual urges.

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