What Guys Think Links: 10 Steps To Becoming "Wife Material"

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Plus, what if your guy hates your friends?

Gawd. I promised myself this year that I wouldn't over-eat and I made it through dinner alright but, as football was winding down, came the leftovers. And then I couldn't sleep because I just knew there was food calling my name. I need a shock collar or will power. Now, for the best of what guys have to say (lately) about love and stuff.

What do you do if you hate your guy's friends? Chances are you'll just make him feel guilty about hanging out with them and he'll just acquiesce and sort of resent it. But what if one of your friends is a TOTAL Miranda and that archetype just drives your guy up the wall? Ask Men advises men on how to deal with it.

More good for the goose, good for the gander talk. College Candy has their resident dude discuss what to do when a lady gets caught in the "friend zone." Hmm. You could try "accidentally" brushing your chest against the back move until you get the desired results...

Maybe a guy's wife is his best friend. Cosmo has 10 tips from guys on how to become wifey material. Is "inspire him!" actual advice?

Chances are, he's not going to be excited about you trying to change him, though. There may be some really weird things about him that you're gonna have to learn to love. Glo spouts off about some guilty guy pleasures… and for dog dog dog's sake DO NOT tell your friends about his peculiarities.

A weird thing, in general, is being invited to your ex's wedding. It gets weirder yet when you decide to be gracious and actually go. And it's weirder still when you have a great time. Good Men Project has a great story of a guy who went to his ex-wife's wedding, after a contentious divorce, and had a great time. NOTE: It's weirdest when you hook up with your ex-wife's sister and start dating.

Weird comes in all shapes, flavors and colors. The Internet is full of the weird (and the awful), especially when it comes to sex advice. John DeVore (the dude from The Frisky) breaks down the worst sex advice the web, the net and the http have to offer. NOTE: Please do not jam your finger anywhere without express (verbal, if not written and notarized) consent.

AND it's not the destination, it's the journey. Very Smart Brothas think you should be less concerned with the orgasm and enjoy the ride. I only have one question: Women can have orgasms? Just joshin', people who miss out on sarcasm.

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