Thanksgiving: Is It Sexist To Expect Women To Cook?

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You may not think what's trending on Twitter really matters, because it's "just Twitter" and "probably full of teenagers." But some of the biggest media organizations gather story ideas from trending hashtags every day, and it's an interesting way to crowdsource what the daily buzz is about.

Looking at Twitter's trending topics daily often leaves my mouth gaping open at what ridiculous things the kids are talking about. Just a couple of weeks ago, "#UglyGirlsAreNotAllowed" was trending, and I was so outraged (despite not being in the targeted minority, thankyouverymuch) I posted: @natalie_nyc disgusting sexist hashtags like #uglygirlsarenotallowed do nothing but lower young girls' self-esteem. It got retweeted by hundreds of people, so clearly it struck a nerve, and means there are lots of people out there who want to stop the sexist hashtag trend. Is Being A Bad Cook A Relationship Dealbreaker?

Today, "Women Who Dont Cook" is trending (apostrophes and other minor grammatical details apparently don't make it into trending topics), probably because Thanksgiving is coming up. Brilliant. Scores and scores of tweeps are spewing stuff like:

@LivinDaStarlife "Women Who Dont Cook" wonder why their (sic) single. Ask your stove.

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