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3 Ways To Spend Thanksgiving For Two

couple thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays firmly planted in the realm of "the bigger, the better": large family gatherings, lavish dinners and no small amounts of hustle and bustle. But what if, by some wayward circumstance, you and your significant other find yourselves just a duo this holiday season? Here are three simple and fun ways to partake in the spirit of Turkey Day, when it's just two of you.

1. Start Your Own Traditions in the Kitchen. Chances are the older womenfolk in both your families handled much of the holiday cooking, so here's chance to take both of your traditional recipes and get creative. You could even do it Top Chef competition-style to see whose family really does make the best gingerbread cookies. Afterwards, you two can cuddle in each other's arms and lapse into a communal food coma. The Sexual Side Effects Of Thanksgiving Dinner

2. Go Black Friday Ogling. Black Friday is only stressful and aggravating if you're actually participating in the melee. Stepping back and observing the chaos around you can actually be a rather amusing pastime. Delight in the warm feeling of schadenfreude while you two calmly sip hot chocolate at the mall and watch soccer moms battle over Twilight Barbies. Should you choose to join in on consumer mania, you can double-team it. A favorite tactic of mine: One person gets in line immediately upon entering the store while the other starts shopping, then you trade off line-standing duties. Men vs. Women, Shopping vs. Sex

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3. Be Two Goody Two-Shoes. Rack up some brownie points with your significant other by donating time together to charitable causes. Beyond just volunteering at a local soup kitchen, how about going door-to-door, Girl Scout-style to collect canned goods? Another idea is to go through each other's closets for clothes to donate to the Salvation Army. (This is a great moment to get rid of those ratty PJs he never seems to get out of on Saturday mornings.) Steal These 7 Items From Your Guy's Closet