Love Bytes: The 29 Most Useful Sex Tips You'll Ever Read

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Plus, the 13 most embarrassing things that can happen during sex.

Everyone has one or two helpful hints on the sex stuff. Alec Baldwin's character from Outside Providence, for one, suggested that sex is like Chinese food; it's not over until everybody gets their cookies (Ed.: This is not always true). But I'd rather go to the real sexperts for sex these 29 ladies and gentlemen, including our own Ms. LoveBuzz Editor, as well many of our other webby friends. Check it out. (College Candy)

Yeesh. Sometimes great advice is something you need long before you get it. And there's nothing like bedroom mishaps to make you wish someone had mentioned what to do in case you make a gas noise from your babymaker. 12 more bedroom bummers, only at The Gloss. (The Gloss)

Another thing that everyone needs advice on is whether their wedding hookup is looking for a relationship or just DTF. This flowchart will save your lives, people. (Huffington Post)

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