Lindsay Lohan & 6 More Blonde Bombshells Who've Posed For Playboy

Lindsay Lohan & 6 More Blonde Bombshells Who've Posed For Playboy
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Lindsay Lohan is Playboy's latest blonde to pose nude for the camera. Is anyone shocked?

TMZ has confirmed that Lindsay Lohan is shooting nude photos for Playboy! The deal has been in the works for months as Lohan reportedly asked for one million big ones to show everyone her, er, goods. Well, at least it will get her out of the morgue (and into the spotlight again). She'll reportedly earn $750,000 for her clothes-free duties at the Hugh Hefner palace. Looks Like Lindsay Lohan Has Herself A New Man... In Italy!

As we all know, Hef loves his blondes! Lindsay is hardly the first bombshell to get naked in his magazine. Here are 6 who did it before her (and probably better, too):

1. Marilyn Monroe. The Hollywood icon was featured in the first issue of Playboy, back when Hefner wasn't sure there would even be a second one. Monroe was on the black and white cover wearing a dress, while the inside promised colored photos of her nude. At the time, the movie star said she was desperate for cash. After she did Playboy, that ceased to be the case.

2. Anna Nicole Smith. This beauty posed for Playboy in May 1992 at the peak of her career. Later, she suffered an eerily similar and tragic fate as the blonde bombshell before her.

3. Pamela Anderson. She counts, we swear! Regardless of the fact that she showed up on the scene in 1990 as a brunette, the Baywatch star changed her hair color and has since appeared on 13 covers — the most of any of Hef's ladies. Most recently, she was on the cover of the January 2011 issue. 

4. Jenny McCarthy. A bombshell of the 90s as well, Jenny is arguably the funniest woman to pose for Playboy (that hot body of hers sure did help!). She's rumored to be Hef's favorite model because, as she revealed on Oprah in September 2010, she managed to shock everyone at her photo shoot. "They said they never saw anyone as hairy as you in their entire life!" Oprah joked.

5. Dorothy Stratten. The Playmate of the Month in August 1979 was Dorothy, a beautiful blonde model/actress from Canada. In 1980, she was given the coveted title of Playmate of the Year. Sadly, later that year she was murdered by her estranged husband, a man Hugh Hefner himself had encouraged her to stay away from.

6. Shannon Tweed. You may have heard of Shannon since she just married her beau of 28 years, Gene Simmons! She shed it all for the November 1981 issue of Playboy, and now gives us plenty of advice on her reality show, Gene Simmons: Family JewelsGene Simmons & Shannon Tweed Finally Tie The Knot

Who do you think is the hottest Hefner blonde of all time? Do you want to see LiLo's shoot?

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