Meet Gene Simmons And Shannon Tweed's Daughter, Sophie Simmons

Their spitting image!

Who Is Shannon Tweed And Gene Simmons' Daughter? New Details On Sophie Simmons Getty Images

Who is Gene Simmons' daughter? That's been the question on everyone's mind since Sophie Simmons, the daughter of the KISS great Gene Simmons, made headlines for sharing a rather strange moment with her father while he was backstage in Tokyo, Japan. 

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The daughter of the KISS bassist, and former model and actress Shannon Tweed, Sophie Tweed-Simmons is an actress, model, and musician in her own right. She has an older brother, Nick, who is a writer and a voice-over actor.

She's been in the public eye since she was 11 years old when Gene Simmons' Family Jewels was on the air. Though the show ran for seven seasons, Sophie has been courting media attention since that time. 

Now, let's look at what we know about Sophie Simmons, Gene Simmons' daughter, and her relationship with her father. 

1. Who is Gene Simmons' daughter? Sophie Simmons has a music career of her own. 

Gene Simmons may be a legendary bass player thanks to the success of KISS, but Sophie Simmons is a musician in her own right. Back in June 2018, she released her most successful single to date, "Black Mirror," which was considered an indie-pop track that was light-years away from the "heavy metal" that KISS made famous back in the 1970s. 


2. She promotes body positivity. 

As a model, Sophie Simmons is a bit "larger" than the average model on the runway today. However, she's still very beautiful — and even before it was "chic" to promote body positivity, Simmons was sharing her thoughts on people accepting themselves, and their bodies, for what they were, and not what they wanted them to be.

"I don’t think anyone is ever fully confident with themselves all the time. On days when I’m not feeling my most confident, I make sure to do things that I’m most comfortable doing just to get that confidence back so that I can then leap back out of my comfort zone," she said

3. Sophie Simmons initially didn't want to be in entertainment. 

Because her father is a legend in the band KISS, and her mother is a legendary model and actress, Simmons was hesitant to follow in her parents' footsteps into the entertainment industry. She said that she "didn't want to be compared" to her two famous parents, but that she couldn't help what she was drawn to. She also said that her father was "very supportive" of her multi-genre career.

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4. Though she hasn't been on television recently, she still goes to premieres from time to time. 

Just because Sophie Simmons hasn't been on TV for a while, doesn't mean she isn't in the public eye. Recently, she and her family were invited to the world premiere of The Nun, and the "legacy star" looked tres chic in her pink and green floral-sleeved shirt that was "corset-style" and paired with a smart pair of pinstriped pants and super-high stiletto heels. (Her brother, Nick, wore a complementary cream-colored suit.) 

5. Is this Sophie Simmons' boyfriend?

On her Instagram page, Simmons is often photographed with Sam Feldt, who is the founder of the Heartfeldt Foundation. The Heartfeldt Foundation is a non-profit that promotes a sustainable lifestyle and spreads the message of sustainability through their ambassadors.

While Simmons tends to keep her private life private, she's often photographed with Feldt, which leads some fans to believe that he might be her boyfriend. 



A post shared by sophie simmons (@sophietsimmons) on May 30, 2019 at 1:15pm PDT

6. Sophie and her father are very close. 

Sophie said that her love of music helped her bond with her father, Gene Simmons. She said that her father exposed her to a lot of different types of music, and thanks to his influence and her "growing up around celebrities," she knew what her career path would be from a very young age. 


7. So much so, in fact, that she shared a sweet moment with him while backstage at his concert in Tokyo. 

As you can see from the video, while Gene Simmons appears to be eating something — in full KISS makeup, no less — Sophie Simmons has her headphones on, grooving along, and in her own little world. Gene also seems to be proud to boast about his daughter "working on one of her new songs," which we think is really sweet!

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