Study Says Men Think You're Dumber When You're Wearing THIS

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 Men Think You're Dumber When You're Wearing THIS
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Newsflash: Men think you're dumber when you're wearing skimpy clothes. 

This study reveals that when men see a lady who's showing a bit of flesh, their instinct immediately assumes that while she is capable of emotions, she's unable to think for herself. Scientists revealed that "the naked flesh is seen as capable of feeling and needing protection from harm."

In contrast, a covered-up woman is seen as "intelligent and likable." According to the study: "When men see body shots of women as compared with face shots, they judge women to be less intelligent, likable, ambitious and competent." Interesting enough, HowAboutWe has a piece called "Why Women Look More Like 'Girlfriend Material' In The Fall," which seems to be based off this same premise.

So when men are hitting on me far more in the summer because my boobs are all but bouncing out of my dress, they're not seeing me as likable?

I'm just a piece of meat to them, huh? Well, it's good to know that objectification of women is a scientific fact. Talk about walking contradictions — they really do want the virgin and the whore, but on their terms, those bah-stards. 

Further analysis of the male brain also found that when shown photos deemed "risqué," the part of the brain that's supposed to be doing all the thinking literally decreases in activity. Maybe this is why I have men walking into buildings and lampposts on my account all summer long — they can think of nothing but my bouncing cleavage (this may be a mild exaggeration, but let's go with it, shall we?)

This decrease in thinking does explain my mother's life-long mantra that men think with their nether region — she could never bring herself to say "penis," God bless her little heart. 

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So now you know why men look forward to short skirt and summer dress season after a long winter. Their brains need a break from all that thinking. Which, as Barbie has taught us girls, is SUPER hard.