5 Weird And Notable Engagement Rings


For better or for worse, these engagement rings are a little more famous than most.

After auctioneers at Sotheby's announced the upcoming sale of a rare 25-carat pink diamond, we couldn't help but briefly fantasize about wearing that $38 million rock.

While we firmly hope that the size of an engagement ring won't make or break a proposal, would a woman complain if presented with the magnificently-named Fancy Intense Pink Diamond? This got us thinking about some other engagement rings, both real and hypothetical, which—for better or for worse—have grabbed our attention: 

1. The first engagement ring. Legend has it that in 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria was the first man to present his beloved, Mary of Burgundy, with an engagement ring. Although we know little about the ring's composition, history says that the two remained contentedly married until Mary's death. Despite their roots in the 15th century, diamond engagement rings only became popular in North America in the mid-1940s when De Beers diamond company launched an ad campaign encouraging men to enhance engagements with pricey, sentimental rings and surprise proposals. 5 Steps To Take If Your Man Hasn't Proposed

2. On a less romantic note, the ring that had to be "passed": Simon Hooper, 28, from the UK, wanted to propose to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, Hooper chose to steal a ring instead of buying one. While the jeweller was distracted, Hooper pocked and swallowed the ring, which police later found when he was forced to take an X-Ray. Hooper was jailed for 12 weeks. As for the ring, police staged a three-day vigil outside of Hooper's jail cell awaiting its, er, emergence from his body. 

3. The one that almost got away. Nothing says romance like a proposal on world-famous bridge, right? After proposing to his girlfriend on the Brooklyn Bridge, Don Walling could only watch in horror as the ring slipped from his fingers and into the traffic below. In a moment of admirable clarity and determination, Walling sprang into the road in search of the ring—and found it. Of course, the victory meant having to dodge motorists and pedestrians who thought that Walling was committing suicide as he climbed down onto the main road. The band was tarnished and bent, but the diamonds were intact. Engagement Chicken And 9 Other Milestone Meals

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