2 Types Of Marriage That Make Women Happiest

2 Types Of Marriage That Make Women Happiest

Study of happy couples identifies the type of husband that will make for a happy marriage.

According to new research on happy couples, whether or not you enjoy a happy marriage (which consequently affects your personal happiness) has a lot to do with (gasp!)…who you marry.

Yes, shockingly, happy couples lead happier lives, according to a German study. So why are we bringing up this completely obvious finding? Glad you asked. You see, an essential part of a happy marriage is your husband or your so-called better half. So if you're looking for a lifetime of happiness (or at least a minimal amount of unhappiness), you better pick your hubby right. And these German researchers did discover some interesting news about the type of husband that will keep you happiest for the long haul. Keys To Happiness: Wealth, Weddings, Semen

So what kind of man will guarantee a lifetime of happiness? Well, guess we should say, there are no guarantees in life, especially when it comes to love (hey, we're just covering our backs here). But according to the study, there are two types of husbands that make for the happiest wives and unions.

First, best to avoid those neurotic types, as in any man with a "tendency toward anxiety, emotional instability and depression" or in other words, an extreme worrywart who's always stressed and needs constant reassurance (and a serious dose of yoga). People who married or partnered with neurotic people were less likely to be happy than people who married non-neurotic types. PS: If you're an ever so slightly neurotic woman (and who isn't?), you might want to work on keeping that side of your personality under control, since these findings applied to both men and women. (read: neurotic wife = unhappy husband).

The other spousal characteristic that makes for a blissful union? A man who ranks family goals above career goals. Yep, we're talking about a good, old-fashioned family man here, and women specifically were happiest when married to man who put family first. And sorry, long hours spent at the office to support your family doesn't count as putting family first. The study revealed that both men and women who worked more or fewer hours than they preferred were less happy. So it seems, the old saying "happy wife, happy life," should have an addendum: Non-neurotic husband who puts family, first makes for a happy wife––and a happy life. Happy husband hunting! Does "Happy And Married" Equal "Happily Married"?

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