Could This DVD Help You Have Better Sex?

upset woman in bed with man in background

How does your partner generally go about seducing you? Is it a slow seduction? Does he connect with you on an intellectual level before trying to connect his lips with yours—or does he maul your face while sticking his hand down your pants? Assuming he's made it to your bedroom, does he know how to work you into a lather, making sure you're fully aroused before doing the deed?

If your guy isn't exactly Casanova in bed, we have to ask: Have you told him what gets you hot? Have you tried to subtly direct him with a light touch or some dirty talk? Have you attempted to educate him at all about what brings you pleasure? Or have you just crossed your fingers, hoping that he'd eventually bumble into the status of sex stud and get it right? 4 Signs He'll Be Good In Bed

We're of the mind that ladies are responsible for their own pleasure... after all, the guys can't read our minds! But it certainly couldn't hurt if a guy went to great lengths to educate himself. To that end, the male-friendly sex ed purveyors over at h-spot have created a how-to-please-a-woman sex ed DVD: How Players Do It.

What's on the DVD? Aside from some on-the-street interviews with women on what men are doing wrong, How Players Do It provides step-by-step instructions on how to seal the deal, starting with the very first kiss, moving on to other acts of foreplay, and finally ending with full-on intercourse. There's even a "chapter" on anal sex. Oh, and porn. This educational DVD incorporates porn, complete with your typical pornish background music. Best Sex Ed For Adults

What has h-spot done right, and why might this DVD appeal to the man in your life?

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