4 Signs He'll Be Good In Bed

Four signs a roll in the hay is worth it before an article of clothing comes off.

good sexual chemistry

One could definitely, definitely make the argument that good sex is so elusive that it's near impossible to spot it walking down the street, approaching at Happy Hour or sharing coffee with you. One Night Stand Dos And Don'ts

We'd agree. What gets one carnally revving is often an annoying and subjective mix of timing, emotional meshing and a pH balance of hormones and dirty talk all swathed together in Egyptian cotton bed sheets.


But this doesn't mean we still can't bounce around ideas in an attempt to save ourselves the agony of an added number without the benefit of at least an erotic memory or two.

1.) He's An Overachiever In Life

Pay very close attention to how he views his day-to-day activities. Does he take his job seriously? Does he set ambitious goals? Would his work ethic impress Donald Trump? Glad we brought up Trump—don't worry so much about money. Not all career paths assure a big pimpin' pay check: sadly time and effort aren't always monetarily compensated. But is there passion? Or is he happily just a cog in the wheel?


2.) He Has A Semi-Relaxed View Of Sex

Yes, sex can be a wordless expression of intense romantic feelings, but sometimes an apple is just an apple. Or rather, a roll in the hay is just a roll in the hay. The more relaxed he is about sex, the less chance a deep-seeded, guilt-inducing Puritan voice screaming: intercourse is dirty! lurks in his subconscious. You don't want to find this out when you're naked ready to try fifth base, or happily regaling the time in college when you had a foursome. "Back Door" Sex For Beginners

3.) He Looks You In The Eye (And Always Has)

We can't stress enough how much genuine confidence trickles down to his bedtime behavior. Does he look you in the eye? Is he man enough to ask you out? Does he keep his word? Can he let you down gently? Or does he make up crazy, stuttering excuses? Can he express his true opinions or does he just regurgitate what you say?


4.) Is He Spontaneous?

Watch how he reacts when you throw a curveball into the night's established plans. Does he get overly agitated? Does he need everything controlled and in it's place? If so, just imagine how he'd react to a quickie in the park or the kind of earth-rattling sex that causes a broken lamp or alarm clock. You want someone easy breezy enough to have a sense of adventure and flexible enough to be down for unorganized experimenting. Sex is an art, after all.