How To Stop Being The Type Of Girl That Guys NEVER Call Back

"I had a nice time."

Those five words are a true sign your relationship is over… before it's even started.

Because when a man ends a date with this, you know there’s a pretty good chance there won’t be another one. Or even a cute "goodnight" text later on. 

It’s not that he had a horrible time, and it DEFINITELY doesn’t mean you did something awful.

"I had a nice time" means just that — it was nice and you seem like a nice girl but there was nothing to compel him to call you again.

Could there be anything more frustrating to happen after a first date, especially with a guy you actually LIKE? Who might be your soul mate?

The "I had a nice time" blow-off never tells you what you did that turned the guy off, so you can't fix it for next time...

... but there IS something to learn from "I had a nice time".

We asked relationship Expert Rachel Greenwald — author of Have Him At Hello —  for help knowing how to get a guy to call back. She offers 3 things we women can do to attract men so they not only want — but also feel like they NEED — another date with us. Watch her video above, and check out what we learned below. 

1. Bring positive energy.


Don’t worry, this doesn’t have anything to do with your aura or metaphysical energy. Rather, make sure you seem interested and intriguing, happy and charming, confident and attentive.

Mainly, keep an eye on your body language.

Sit up straight with your shoulders back, so you appear confident. Maintain eye content so he knows you’re interested in what he’s saying. Ignore your phone.

When men go on a date with you, they want to know without a doubt that there’s an attraction there, and your body language can say a lot.

2. Have a feisty attitude.


For some, being feisty can mean flirting just the way he likes without any need for subtlety.

For others, it can simply mean venturing out of your shy shell by asking questions and talking, instead of letting him do it all.

Whatever feisty might mean to you, do your best to embody a strong, independent woman who knows who she is, and is totally comfortable with her own awesomeness.

Because you ARE awesome, and he should know it.

3. Ask some fun questions!

Yes, some of the questions you’ll ask will no doubt be some of your typical boring questions: Where are you from? What do you do?

But try to keep those to a minimum.

There will be plenty of time on your future dates to find out how many siblings he has or what his parents’ names are.

But if you ask him unique and interesting questions, he’s bound to be intrigued and want to get to know more about this fun woman who asked about the last book he read and loved, or what he’s scared of, or something he’s always wanted to try.

Fun, interesting and these questions can give you a lot more insight into the man you’re dating than what street did he live on as a child.

Don't let a case of the dating blahs get in the way of your quest to find true love.

Your soul mate is out there: go charm the world and find him.

If you're having trouble navigating the dating world, getting a man to call you back after a first date, or any other dating and relationship problem, reach out to Rachel. She's here to help!

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