Is Kristen Stewart A Lesbian?

Probably not, but let's humor the latest internet rumor, shall we?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Here's a rumor that's bound to make Twilight fangirls giddy with excitement (not because they love her, but because they lust after Robert Pattinson so much): Kristen Stewart is gay, claims an Australian VJ and fashion designer who goes by the name Ruby Rose. 

Ruby recently tweeted: "I'm sorry, but Kristen Stewart has to be a lesbian. I don't mean to stereotype but isn't it obvious?"

Perez Hilton has also jumped on the rumor bandwagon, telling KStew to "embrace your lezlicious self!"


Although it's more believable that Kristen isn't gay and that this Ruby Rose character might just be a rabid Robert Pattinson fan who, despite all of the evidence to the contrary, is hoping that he isn't actually dating Kristen, here are seven reasons why there could be a shred of truth to the rumor.

1. Kristen has joked about being a lesbian in the past.

2. Kristen seems to be really comfortable kissing girls, like her BFF Dakota Fanning in the film The Runaways, but guys, not so much. See her and Robert Pattinson's awkward "Best Kiss" acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards. Robert Pattinson Tries To Overcome Vagina Allergy


3. Despite an enviable red carpet wardrobe, Kristen always looks uncomfortable wearing dresses.

4. Although she's most likely dating Robert Pattinson, having a boyfriend or even a fiance doesn't necessarily make you straight these days in Hollywood, as Lindsay Lohan and Anna "I'm proud to be bisexual" Paquin have taught us.

5. Some people seemed to think that she and Twilight co-star Nikki Reed were more than just friends at one point.

6. Kristen is still close to Jodie Foster, who played her mom in 2002's Panic Room and is also plagued by lesbian rumors.

7. Kristen really loves softball. (Just kidding! This one's not actually true.)

So what do you think? Is Kristen actually gay or are these rumors just mean gossip?


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