Robert Pattinson Tries To Overcome Vagina Allergy

Robert Pattinson is BACK, y'all. He has a movie to promote, sexy hair to forget to wash, and a well-publicized vagina allergy to overcome. How's he doing all that? By comparing himself to porn stars. Yes! The Unbathed One gave an interview to London's Times Online in which he discussed his rabid fans, doing gay sex scenes, and bondage.

Robby-Rob wouldn't discuss whether he and Kristen Stewart are TWU WUV soulmates who are conceiving a vampire baby RIGHT NOW, but he did spill about his gay sex scene in the film Little Ashes, in which he played Salvador Dali. "We were both straight," Rob told the Times, "but he was Spanish, so much more confident about being naked and stuff, although when it comes down to it, it's just as awkward with a girl. Anyway, Javier was really cool. After we had been pretending to have sex on this balcony in Barcelona, he was like, 'We have such a strange job...'" What's The Sexiest Foreign Accent?

No stranger than imaginary bloodsuckers, but we digress. He also said that during some of his love scenes with Emilie de Ravin in the recently released, only-Orphan-has-a-better-twist-ending drama Remember Me (and by "better" we mean "crazier, and more out of left field"), the modesty pouch most actors wear during nude scenes did not do much to preserve his modesty. "When you end up doing it, you have this little patch on your privates. I didn't really tape it up properly, so I'd spent so long taping it round myself and then literally it falls off within one second and it's taped to the sheet," he said. "And you realize the whole crew are looking directly at your butt crack. I can't think of anything exciting for them about this. It gives you a lot of respect for porn stars." Is Facebook Turning Girls Into Porn Stars?

(There's a reason you don't meet many English porn stars. Leftover Victorian morals and all that, Ashley Cole et al notwithstanding.) And hearing about his awkward naked times doesn't give us as much respect for porn stars as you might think. Anyway, all this Rob hullabaloo is just the opening salvo in the great Eclipse campaign, which will shortly drown us all in a flood of "news" about Taylor Lautner's favorite kind of sit-ups and more underpants snaps of Kellan Lutz. Sigh. Resign yourselves, everyone. There's nothing you can do. We are helpless before the behemoth that is Twilight.

Via The Times Online. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.