5 Beginner Burlesque Moves To Try On Him Tonight

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Give him a sexy show for his eyes only.

Burlesque superstar Jo Boobs has been wowing audiences and teaching eager exhibitionists, like me and Margaret Cho, with her amazing va-va-voom skills. The School of Burlesque's Headmistress Jo has taught me all my naughtiest moves, and took me from clumsy nerd to confident lap dancer. Yes, she's that good, people!

While classes and shows have been for the lucky few who live in the New York City area, now, in a bookstore near you, is a new manual that'll have you bumpin' and grindin' with the best of them. Ms. Boobs' opus, The Burlesque Handbook, is everything you need to know to take your foreplay to striptease heaven. It gives readers a taste of her tips, from what to put on and how to take it off!

Check out some of her best techniques here:

1. Do You Want To Touch Me?

"The most important thing to keep in mind is that you can make them think of the way you feel by touching yourself—running your finger along your arm, caressing your shoulder, and touching your neck. This makes them think that you're nice to touch."

2. Hit Me With Your Best Shot 

"We watch so much video that we think our partner sees us from all angles, but in reality, the only camera on you when you're doing a tease for your lover is their eyes. Always think about where their eyes are, and make sure they can see what you're showing them, or tell when you're deliberately teasing and concealing." 

3. What Not To Wear

"Onstage, you need major sparkles, but in private, you need fabrics that have sensual texture. Delicate lingerie won't work onstage; sequins can scratch your lover during a lap dance. Think about how they feel!"

4. Smells Like Tease Spirit

"Wear a fragrance they like, whether it's perfume, sweat, or soap, and move closer and then further away to tease them with fragrance and body heat."

5. Private Eyes

"Tease them with eye contact just like you tease them with everything else. Look at their eyes, then look at your own breasts, then look back at them to catch them looking!"

Written by Simcha Whitehill for The Frisky.


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