7 Most Repulsive Celebrity Douchebags Right Now

Steven Seagal lawsuit lawman assault sued

Some celebrities have been behaving quite badly lately. Now, there are always famous people acting out; it's how they entertain themselves on weekends instead of going to Buffalo Wild Wings and watching hockey. But some famous dudes have been behaving more reprehensibly than usual lately. These seven guys have cheated, cheated with hookers, cheated with relatives, cheated with Nazis...basically they are sluts, is what we're saying. Oh, and some of them are punchy. Join us as we list the seven grossest, most jerkfacey celebrities right now.

1. Steven Seagal

Former movie tough guy and current wannabe cop Steven Seagal is accused of sexually assaulting several employees. The former employee suing him also says Seagal kept two Russian women on his staff as 24/7 call girls. The suit is now on hold pending arbitration, but Seagal's ex-wife, actress Kelly LeBrock, said she was not surprised to hear about the allegations, and that she would tell all about her marriage to Seagal in her upcoming autobiography. This entire situation gives us a very unpleasant feeling, and for that, Steven Seagal is the Number One Most Repulsive Celebrity Douchebag Right Now. Round of tepid applause, please. Steven Seagal Sued For Sexual Abuse & Harassment

2. Tiki Barber

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There's really nothing classier than dumping your eight-months-pregnant wife for a 23-year-old intern, is there? Unless, of course, it's dumping her while she's confined to bed with twins and then refusing to support her and your other two kids. We used to think Tiki Barber was a good guy. It appears we were totally wrong about that.