Jesse James' Mistress Count Up To 4

Jesse James
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Two more women step forward to claim they had sex with Jesse.

Is Jesse James shooting for Tiger Woods' mistress record or what? Now that the dust has settled from the "bombshell" of Jesse's affair with Michelle McGee, the cockroaches are crawling out of the rubble. We already reported about a second mistress on Wednesday, but two more of Jesse's lovers have emerged since then. Add to that troubling allegations of a years-old sexual assault, and we start to actually fear what dirt will be dug up next. 

Since this is all getting a bit confusing, here's what we know so far:

  • Michelle McGee - On March 17, In Touch Weekly broke her tawdry tale of an 11-month affair with Jesse (totally ruining our St. Patrick's Day buzz). The world's collective heart broke for Sandra Bullock, who promptly moved out on her cheating husband and starting canceling public appearances. Meanwhile, the world's collective disgust for the walking Nazi tattoo continues to grow, as Michelle now admits that the affair was a premeditated move designed to "make a better life" for her son Avery. She knew she'd get paid no matter how things turned out. Ironically, Avery's "better life" may end up being away from her, since her ex-husband is trying to get full custody.
  • Melissa Smith - Another heavily tattooed stripper, Melissa says that Jesse contacted her on MySpace in 2006, after which they met and promptly had unprotected sex on his office couch. The affair ended in 2008 because "his attention was on the next woman." (Well, it certainly wasn't on his wife.) Soon after spilling her story to Star, Melissa says she received this text from Jesse: "I'm angry at you and disappointed you'd do this." Hey! Isn't that Sandra's line?
  • Brigitte Daguerre - This fetish model/photographer recently claims that Jesse hired her for a photo shoot in 2008, they had sex four times, and then he fired her when she stopped putting out. Brigitte is now getting her revenge by telling the world that Jesse was "a dud in bed" and offering to sell his explicit sexts to the highest bidder.