7 Things You Must Do Before A First Date

woman dancing before a first date

Congratulations! The upbeat, All-American-esque cutie you met last week has asked you out on a date. You're pretty darn happy for yourself, but let's face it, you're also slightly nervous because first dates are, well, nerve-wracking. Never fear—luck is on your side, as are we. Follow these seven tips for first date preparation and tell us how your night turned out. First Date Conversation Topics

1. Hydrate. Unless you're meeting in the Arctic, chances are you'll sweat a little bit on your date. It helps to stay hydrated, and did you know drinking water staves off bad breath?

2. Eat. Having a meal before dinner, lunch, coffee, or whatever it is you are doing might seem counterintuitive, but we recommend a healthy snack before a date. There's nothing like low blood sugar or a grumbling stomach to distract you from a conversation. Munch on an apple or a few walnuts before you go. Dating Dealbreakers: Top 5 Reasons Guys Dump You

3. Create a pump-me-up playlist. Distract yourself from pre-date nerves by listening to music while you get ready. A mix of upbeat, dance tunes should get you in the mood for having a good time. Cascada, anyone?

4. Shower. This one seems like a no-brainer, but not only will a hot shower get you clean, it will relax you. Use a shower gel and lotion that smells good and makes you feel pretty. 4 Sexy Date Night Perfumes

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