Robert Pattinson Confirms Romance With Kristen

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Robert Pattinson says he and Kristen Stewart are "back on" after their hot hotel rendezvous.

After a five-day non-stop fling with Kristen Stewart last week, Robert Pattinson is finally admitting that they're an item, according to Life & Style.

Robert is said to have told reporters last week that he and Kristen are "back on," and he reportedly told Twilight co-star Nikki Reed to keep her voice down after she was quoted as saying on an August 10 plane ride to shoot Eclipse in Vancouver, "I saw the pictures [of your rendezvous last week]—getting in cabs together, going for lunch...I thought you were going to keep it undercover?" Friend and co-star Justin Chon said it's no shock Robert would commit to Kristen as he likes "smart, interesting girls" and seems to want a romance. Says Chon, "Rob's a real relationship kind of guy."

The long-awaited confirmation from Robert of his romance with Kristen is a relief for many of us, but it comes as little shock. As we reported late last week, Thursday Robert visited Kristen's house in Los Angeles and was caught leaving in his Porsche. Later that day the pair were captured by paparazzi in a hotel together, the notoriously "touched with scandal" Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, as Extra reported. Cameras caught them in the same room and smoking cigarettes on the balcony, and it appeared that indeed they shared the same hotel reservation and perhaps spent the night together. On Friday afternoon witnesses had even more reason to suspect they were knocking boots when they were seen out at a relaxing lunch together with mutual friends.

It looked like love, and it didn't stop there. Saturday Robert and Kristen reportedly linked up at another hotel in West Hollywood, both poorly disguised in dark sunglasses, as reported by Celebuzz. Then this weekend they were together at the Teen Choice Awards, where some 80 million fans confirmed how much we all like these two together by voting them for the best kiss.

We've noticed how much more full of life Robert Pattinson looks these days back on the West Coast and close to Kristen, compared to his mopey state in New York all summer. Until now no one was addressing Kristen's status with longtime boyfriend, actor Michael Angarano...but up against Robert, clearly it was no contest.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.