RPattz Worried Kristen Wants Taylor Lautner

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Kristen Stewart says Taylor Lautner makes her smile more than Robert. Trouble in paradise already?

We got wind earlier this week that Robert Pattinson confirmed being in a relationship with Kristen Stewart. They spent most of last week together and were living in sin at the Holiday Inn (or, actually, a really expensive chateau on Sunset Boulevard). After the Teen Choice Awards taping, Robert reportedly said that yes, their romance was official. Celebrity Love: Robert Pattinson Confirms Romance With Kristen

But this week Kristen appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine with Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner, and it may be causing a stir with Robert. Celebitchy cites Star magazine as saying that Taylor has a crush on Kristen (okay, what is that girl's secret on set?) and that since he's put on 26 pounds of muscle to film Eclipse, he's gotten a lot more confident around the ladies.

Kristen, however, has barely noticed. Star reported that she treats 17-year-old Taylor like a little brother. She says that his character Jacob makes her smile more than Robert's character does, but as far as sources can tell, there is only platonic love between them.

Robert clears up rumor that he's worried and claims instead that he's hardly bothered. He's said he's content when Kristen and Taylor work together on set because that usually means he has time off. Star's saying that Kristen and Taylor were BFFs at the Teen Choice Awards last week and that Kristen barely spoke to Robert, but now that they're all heading to Vancouver to film Eclipse, Robert's going to tell everybody what's up because indeed, he and Kristen are on.

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