Single On St. Patrick's Day? 8 Tipsy Dating Tips

a dunken date

8 tips for getting tipsy without hurting your dating game on St. Patrick's Day.

On this St. Patrick's day, we want ye to find a mate.

See that cute, single lad or lass across the bar?

Ay! A pot of gold!

Well, put down the car-bomb and make your way over there. Even if you've had a bit too much, relax and let the ultimate social lubricant work its dating magic.

It is no secret that alcohol and dating share a volatile but intimate relationship. In fact, for the most part the two go hand-in-hand. The key is to reach a level of intoxication that has you feeling loose and confident, not nauseated and belligerent. (Read: don't stumble over there and grab his crotch or bellow in her ear.) 5 Signs Drinking Is Hurting Your Dating Life

Because despite your previous finding-true-love-at-a-bar experiences, sometimes two people actually DO meet when they're drunk and manage to form a connection that lasts longer than a hangover. Who knows, maybe that guy over there with the green party beads who's doing a shot of Jameson is your soul mate.

So we've compiled a few dating tips to help you make a drunken connection that won't damage your dignity.

1. Slow Down There, Champ

Nobody will want anything to do with you if your blood alcohol count is written on your forehead. That means make sure to drink an amount that will leave you coherent and in full control of your limbs and bodily functions. Indulge too much, and any decent potential mate will bolt at the sight of you. Nobody wants your dinner on their pants.

2. Travel In Packs

There is nothing more awkward than having to entertain a lonely friend while you're chatting up a potential lover. (You can't always count on the presence of a dutiful wingman/woman.) So go out in a group of more than two, to ensure that your best friend isn't in a corner doing shots alone.

3. Remember Details

We hate it when a guy asks us our name, where we're from, etc. and then Tommy Lee Jones comes by and erases his memory and he asks it all again. Not only is it frustrating, and a clear indicator that you're completely wasted, but it conveys that you're not really that interested. So even if you're feeling that last Guinness, don't ask a question if you don't think you'll remember the answer.

4. Touch

In a totally non-creepy way, touch his arm while you're laughing, or put your hand on her back to guide her through a crowd. These small but meaningful gestures let the other person know that you're interested and increase sexual tension. Just don't overdo it. 3 Secrets To Exuding Sexy