5 Signs Drinking Is Hurting Your Dating Life

drinking is hurting your dating life
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Hazy memories, blackout date nights and other signs drinking is hurting your dating life.

We'll be the last to begrudge anyone a glass or two of wine with dinner or a night out barhopping with friends. But if you rate your days on a scale of drunk to hungover, and a your memory holds a colorful (but brief) revolving door of hazy casual romantic dalliances, then it might (might) be time to add a few new hobbies to the mix. If you relate to one or more of the signs below, your romance with alcohol may be getting in the way with you finding a real flesh and blood relationship.  

1.) The thought of going on an alcohol-free date seems lame. If going on a date that doesn't involve a cocktail seems a "day pigs fly" phenomenon to you, then ask yourself a few questions. What color are his eyes? What was the song that reminded him of his time in Italy? And where was it he worked again? If you walk away from a date not knowing any of these facts, it's a good sign you were more interested in the pretty lime on the side of your drink than your companion. While we don't doubt the brilliant social lubricant that is booze, you'd be shocked how different Boy X looks and appears in the daylight with coffee.  Drinking On A Date: How Much Is Too Much?

2.) You have a habit of binge-drinking with "friends" you sleep with.
This is an old, tired trick left over from college. You and your "buddy" what's-his-name are still single, he throws a party and—look what happens!—you're too tipsy to meet anyone new and end up in his bed again. Sigh. And to think you had a really pleasant conversation during drink number one with an intriguing single guy. You wonder what happened to him... and your right sock.

3.) Your hangovers prevent you from meeting people while sober. It's Sunday and your friends are headed to the park that's surely packed with eligible single guys. You'd love to go, just as soon as you sleep 4-5 more hours and your head stops pounding. Dating Dunce? 15 Signs You're Bad At Dating

4.) You've never dated anyone who didn't drink with you until blackout. If you browse your mental catalogue of past boyfriends you will find one alarming trend: they were all drunks. So were you, of course, but if the reel of relationship highlights go a little like this: "haha, remember when Brad got kicked out of Von Bar?" and "Haha—yeah, and then I called my parents when we were trying to order a pizza" and the low points? A collage of ugly fights that make you shudder. Next time it may behoove you to schedule a few Starbucks and running dates. Sober Dating: How To Date Without Drinking

5.) You have a feeling you've lost guys due to your drinking habits. Let's take a look-see at #1 again. If dates almost always end with a round of shots on the house because you two have been such spectacular bar patrons, it's likely that five dates before sex rule goes out the window, too. Everything makes perfect sense after that whiskey nightcap at his place. And while you weren't shocked that Whiskey Nightcap never called, it hurt when Too-Good-To-Be-True guy your friend set you up with disappeared when you insisted on a fifth glass of Pinot Grigio, unloaded about your miserable childhood and were so drunk you almost ran into the closed restaurant door.