The Best Of The Web: Getting Freaky And Nicknames


It's a new year but it's also a Friday. Since you probably don't have the time to search the webs for good stuff to read about love and/ or relationships.

First off, do you need a good cry? Lemondrop has a video montage from The Wonder Years. WINNIE COOPER!

Also, Lemondrop gives some advice on how a good girl can really let her freak flag fly. Fun read, I wish there was more talk in the media about heads trying to freak out the normals.

The Frisky has a slide show of unusual and fantastic lady parts. It's safe for work and not scatological. By the way, can we start using the word vulva when we mean vulva and vagina when we mean vagina? Or we can just use cutesy words when not at the doctor's office. Up to you. Read: How To Reference Certain Female Body Parts

Speaking of seeing a lady's lady business, according to Popeater, Britney Spears may have split up with her dude. I think Britney's relationship happiness is bordering on becoming a national concern. How many of us have gotten together because of her music? Let's pay it back or pay it forward. 

The gals at College Candy have a simple 8-step process to submarine a relationship. It's a little like How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days but with a little more McConaughey and a little less Kate Hudson.

Sure McConaughey is hunky, sweaty and shirtless, but he may he be onto something. Per Asylum, Bikram Yoga may give men better erections. Dang it, I've been doing these Winsor Pilates for nothing! Read: Do Yoga, Improve Your Sex Life

"I do Bikram Yoga" (raises eyebrows), has just became the greatest pick-up line of all-time. For a few other lines to use in 2010, check out Lime Life.

Marie Claire discusses pick-up lines for nerds. Not for nerds to use but for using on nerds. Maybe you shouldn't call them nerds or ask them if they like Revenge Of The Nerds. NERDS!

Sometimes you need a good pick-up line when you got an itch you just can't scratch. Em & Lo ( try to find a name for lady blue balls. I suppose "'gining something fierce" isn't going to win any friends. 

My homegirl Simone Grant is fascinated by women who dump dudes at the first sign of imperfection. It is really hard being the perfect man. People always have a hard time finding me in the phonebook, they're using the wrong spelling of Mr. Wonderful.

From Mr. Wonderful to Mr. Popular. My good bud Lost Plum, possibly for their anonymity, prefers to nickname a guy with a solid descriptor. It's a little like Gossip Girl, not that I watch that show.

Big Love is cranking back up and the gang over at Nerve has thoughts on it. Big thoughts. Seventeen of them, to be exact. "Why doesn't someone just strangle Chloe Sevigny's character?" didn't make the cut.

Over at Divine Caroline they discuss the chemical nature of crushes. You ever notice that some people are in love with love but no one is really in love with the love of love? That doesn't make sense. Read: 10 Old School, Still Cool Celebrity Crushes

At the Huff Po (that's what the 'tweens are calling the Huffington Post), they've an essay about the negative impact of envy in relationships. Somewhere in there they discuss the Seven Deadly Sins but never once do they reference to "Hey Jealousy" by the Gin Blossoms.

Finally, it's not just dude politicians out there tomcatting around. Sometimes golfers do too. Seriously, though, tells us about a sex scandal in Northern Ireland MP Iris Robinson. It's a doozy and makes Spitzer look somewhat circumspect in hindsight.

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