A Better Way To Say I Love You


Those three little words are sometimes just that: three little words. If you need more than eight letters to express the enormity of your passion, evidence that the world has enough love to go around, or ammunition for your next game of "I-love-you-more-no-I-love-you-more," check out

The site is part of a graphic design studio's endeavor to compile the real things–literally, figuratively, and often humorously– that people use to measure their love, by asking people to finish the sentence "I love you more than..." Answers range from competitive ("I love you more than she loves you") to alarming ("I love you more than the smell of a fresh pack of Crayolas"? Put down the crayons, buddy!) but this blog sure puts Hallmark to shame. 
Visitors can contribute by filling in the "I love you more than" blank and e-mailing it to Answers are updated often and archives are available–and fun!–to browse. 

Since we love this site more than we love our own–just kidding–here are ten of our favorite "I Love You More Than Blank"s:

1. I love you more than waking up Sunday morning thinking it's Monday morning but then realizing it's Sunday morning.

2. I love you more than I love Barack Obama.

3. I love you more than finding five dollars in my pocket, but not more than finding a twenty.

4. I love you more than I hate it when you leave your dirty socks under the coffee table.

5. I love you more than cheeseburgers.

6. I love you more than the smell of Playdoh.

7. I love you more than cleaning my ears with Q-tips. 

8. I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

9. I love you more than Harry loved Sally. 

10. I love you more than my broke-ass boyfriend.