Top 10 Love Songs Of 2009

Top 10 Love Songs Of 2009

The top ten love songs that made us swoon this year.

Ah, love: the foundation that music is built on. Love songs are what we turn to when emotion overwhelms us, when simply talking isn't good enough, when a note captures more than a thousand words could. Here are 2009's top songs d'amour. 

1. "Knock You Down" by Keri Hilson, Kanye West, and Ne-Yo

Keri's voice booms with strength and perseverance in this slick, catchy collaboration about how love "knocks you down" when you're least expecting it. 


2. "Little Bit" by Lykke Li

This Swedish singer's spare, techno ditty is all about saying those three little words. She knows she's in love, but she won't be the first to say it. Sound like anyone you know? Which Love Language Do You Speak?


3. "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon

Who thought the phrase "use somebody" could reveal such soft, vulnerable yearning? This sweet 70s-style rock melody will hook you after one listen.


4. "Sweet Dreams" by Beyonce 

Part-sexy, part-romantic, and all parts lovable, Beyonce's pop-tacular hit has a way of making us feel loved just by her voice and her smile. This dancing diva's come-hither dance moves make us want to test them out on our own lovers.