5 Celeb Cheaters Who Shocked Us

Tiger Woods recently blew the public's image of him as a squeaky-clean "good guy" by admitting that he's cheated on his wife Elin. While we're usually not too surprised when rich and famous men have affairs, there have been a few fellas whose unfaithfull ways we never saw coming.

1. David Letterman - The late night funnyman was never really the subject of tabloid fodder, and he was never exactly a sex symbol. So with a wife and young son at home—and a new lease on life some years after having heart surgery—we were astounded to discover that he had fooled around with a former assistant.

2. Brad Pitt - When Brad married Jennifer Anniston, it was like the celeb world equivalent of the football captain marrying the prom queen. They were America's sweethearts, so when we learned that Brad was sneaking around on Jen with his Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star, Angelina Jolie (the "girl who smokes behind the bleachers"), our collective heart broke for our favorite Friend. And Brad found himself tossed off a lot of "sexy" lists.

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