The 9 Mistresses Of Tiger Woods

The 9 Mistresses Of Tiger Woods

As one song parody asks, "How many white women can one brother want?"

Porn stars, Perkins' waitresses, and reality television stars... Tiger, Oh My! If his marriage wasn't a publicity-driven scam before, as one of his un-named mistresses has claimed, he certainly has made it into one now.

The current list stands at nine, but according to SEVERAL sources familiar with Woods' behavior in and around Las Vegas, the number of women could very well swell past a dozen by week's end," says MSNBC's The Scoop.

As this week's SNL inferred, Tiger might be in for another accident-prone few weeks... especially as the gritty details about his affairs are leaked out. For example, did you know that Woods did not like using condoms with at least two of the women! Those would be Lawton and Grubbs, which in this CelebLover's humble opinion would be two of the three women on the list below that he most definitely should have used a condom with. Poor, poor Elin.

Blonde or brunette, high class or low, apparently Tiger didn't care. That is, as long as they all kind of looked the same in the face.  As asked in the must-watch Tiger Woods Grinch parody below, How many white woman can one brother want? The complete list (to date) of Tiger Woods' Mistresses follows.

Tiger Woods' Mistresses: The List

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Holly Sampson,
36, Blonde, Porn Star, Porn Star Land, Non-Denial

Porn star Holly Sampson is the latest woman credited by the New York Daily News as "Other Woman #9" in the real life skin flick The Personal Sins of Tiger Woods. Connoisseurs may remember Holly from such films as OMG, Stop Tickling Me, Flying Solo 2, Descent into Bondage, and Diary of a Horny Housewife. To her non-pornographic credit, she has also appeared in episodes of Matlock and The Wonder Years, in which she starred as Fred Savage's love interest.