Who Is Jamie Jungers? New Details On Tiger Woods' Former Mistress Who Was Rescued By Dog The Bounty Hunter

The party girl turned fugitive was found nearly unconscious in a drug house.

Who Is Jamie Jungers? New Details On Tiger Woods' Former Mistress Who Was Rescued By Dog The Bounty Hunter Instagram

Remember that inordinately large portion of 2009 when the Tiger Woods cheating scandal was the only thing anyone could talk about? While the golf pro seems to have emerged from the scandal relatively unscathed, the same cannot be said of one of his mistresses, Jamie Jungers.

Jungers, now 35, has had a troubled past since news of Woods' infidelity broke 9 years ago, battling drug addiction and legal difficulties. Jungers' troubles seem to have come to a head recently when she became the target of Dog the Bounty Hunter's latest fugitive hunt after skipping bail in her home state of Kansas. According to Radar, the former mistress was found nearly unconscious in a Las Vegas drug house on Tuesday, Nov. 13.


So who is Jamie Jungers? Here's everything we know about Tiger Woods' former mistress and her tragic decline post-affair. 

1. Tiger Woods affair 

In the wake of the infamous Tiger Woods cheating scandal, Jungers became known as "Mistress Number 4," after she revealed her affair with Woods to a British tabloid. At the time, Radar, who exclusively broke the news of Jungers' impending announcement via the British outlet, called then-26-year-old Jungers a "beautiful blonde Las Vegas model." Jungers appeared on the Today show and Dateline NBC to reveal details about the affair. The Vegas party girl claimed she was "in love" with the golfer, and also told media outlets she was with Woods the night his father died.


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2. Stripper 

Although Radar originally reported that Jungers was a model, the outlet later confirmed she was in fact working as a stripper. Jungers worked at the upscale Las Vegas gentlemen's club Badda Bing, where she was reportedly employed until shortly before the news of her affair with Woods broke. Her former employer, Rick Belcastro, confirmed that Jungers had worked at his club, calling the former dancer "sloppy" and adding that he was "glad she left."



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3. Queen of the mistresses 

In 2010, "Mistress Number 4" earned the number 1 spot in Howard Stern's eyebrow-raising "Mistress Beauty Pageant," in which she competed against fellow alleged Woods mistresses Jaimee Grubbs and Loredana Jolie. Jungers ultimately took home the $75,000 first prize.

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4. Drug problems 

Jungers' troubles seem to have begun after the dust settled surrounding the Woods scandal. In 2014, Radar reported that the former mistress had "hit rock bottom," and was battling alcoholism and drug addiction. Although Jungers received a $125,000 pay-out for revealing the details of her affair, various stints in and out of rehab reportedly drained her bank account. 




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5. Legal troubles 

According to Radar, the string of legal difficulties that led to Jungers' discovery by Dog the Bounty Hunter earlier this week began back in her home state of Kansas. Jungers was arrested in 2016 after three consecutive failures to appear in court on charges of theft and defrauding her father. Jungers served 13 days in prison before posting bail, after which she continued to rack up charges.


6. Discovery 

Dog the Bounty Hunter discovered the fugitive in a Las Vegas drug house on Tuesday, where she was reportedly found nearly unconscious and weighing just 88 pounds. "The handcuffs wouldn’t even go on her wrists because they were so skinny. She was going to die in the next few weeks," the bounty hunter told Radar. According to Dog's report, Jungers was using heroin and speed, and trading sexual favors for drugs. Jungers was allegedly "being passed between a group of high profile 'business executives,'" including a top investigator at a major US insurance company.


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7. Arrest

Following the discovery, Dog turned Jungers over to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. She was arrested and is currently being held in county jail, facing charges of drug possession and being a fugitive.

8. Jungers blames Tiger Woods for her drug addiction

"I never in a million years would have thought I'd ever be a junkie ever. I wish him the best, but initially all of this is because of [Woods]. I'm going to blame him for my drug use and where I am at right now because of what I went through with dating him," she said on a recent 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' episode. "It never benefits me when it's brought up. It's always been a negative. I'm always the home-wrecking whore. I was 21 years old."

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