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Who Is Phresher's Mistress? Everything You Want To Know About Jada, Alleged Side Chick Of 'Love & Hip Hop' New York Star

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Who Is Phresher's Mistress? Everything You Want To Know About Jada, Alleged Side Chick Of 'Love & Hip Hop' New York Star

As one of the newest members of Love & Hip Hop: New York — the original show in the hit Love & Hip Hop franchise on VH1 — Phresher (whose name is sometimes stylized as PHresher) should, in theory, be one of the least dramatic on the show. And yet, he's not only bringing all of the drama, but his drama also seems to be the craziest of all.

Even though he's been with his longtime girlfriend for what seems like forever, he recently found himself in the middle of a potential cheating controversy. 

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Who is Phresher's mistress, Jada? Let's look at what we know about Phresher's alleged mistress — and the response from his co-stars.

1. Who is Phresher's mistress, Jada?

On the most recent episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York, a woman named Jada approached Phresher's co-star (and his longtime girlfriend) Jenn claiming that the rapper stole $60,000 from her.

Aside from the obvious questions — like, why do you have $60,000 in cash just lying around, and why would you give it to a man you're just casually seeing? — Jada claimed she gave him the money to help "start his musical career." Jada then alleged that Phresher used the money on Jenn. 

2. But Jenn made an Instagram post disputing the claims. 

Later on in the episode, Jenn almost "put the paws" on Jada for making such a crazy accusation. Jenn then took to her Instagram to make a video in which she appears to further taunt Jada, which she captioned "this is what unbothered looks like." You can see the post below:


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3. Phresher has been with Jenn since they were teenagers. 

Unlike many of his Love & Hip Hop co-stars from any part of the franchise, Phresher and Jenn have one of the longest-lasting relationships on television.

They've been together from the minute they met when they were 13 years old. They have two children — a teenage son and a preteen daughter — together. 


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4. Jenn wants to be a star alongside Phresher. 

For her part, even though Jenn has been supportive of Phresher's career in the past, she wants to break out on her own now and have a career in the spotlight. With Phresher's encouragement, she wants to start her own "Mommy and Me"-type YouTube channel, and that journey is also chronicled on this season of Love & Hip Hop

5. Jada may not be the only woman Phresher had an affair with. 

Even though Jenn seems to have it in for Jada, the right person to direct her anger at is Phresher, since he was the one that made a commitment to her.

What's more, there's speculation that Jada isn't the only woman that Phresher had an affair with — Jenn and her Love & Hip Hop: New York co-star Jennaske don't get along because she's working very closely with Phresher, and Jenn doesn't like it one bit. Jenn even suspected that Jennaske was trying to get close to "her man" to help with her career!

6. But Jenn and Phresher get along well with their other Love & Hip Hop: New York co-stars. 

With all that there seems to be nothing but drama on Love & Hip Hop: New York, Jenn and Phresher seem to get along well with their other co-stars. They were at Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels wedding, and even get along with Cyn Santana and Jonathan Fernandez!

We do recommend, however, that they handle that relationship drama a little better.

7. Phresher has recently tried to resolve Jada's claims about the money.

He recently had a meeting with Jada, in which he had come up with a payment plan to return her money. However, when Jenn found out about the plan, she was less than thrilled. She asserted that Phresher's money is also her money, and if Jada wanted it, she should take it to court. Jenn even labeled Jada a "gold digger."

But the fans didn't take too kindly to Jenn's response. One fan sent a tweet, writing, “How you calling Jada a gold digger and Phresher own her. TF it’s her money!! Jen get it together  #LHHNY.” Another fan agreed, tweeting, “Whew chileee Jen is so dumb, how is Jada a gold digger when all Jada want is her money from her former manager. #LHHNY.” 

Most fans seemed to be in agreement that Jenn's anger was misguided.

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