We Married For Health Insurance

marry for health insurance

Why did I marry my boyfriend after pondering it for a mere two hours? One reason: health insurance.

I'd never been one of those girls who'd dreamt about her perfect wedding. The virgin-white dress, the exorbitant costs, the fuss over a big, shiny rock—none of it ever appealed to me. I wanted to find a lifelong partner, and a family sounded nice, too, but honestly? I never cared much about that piece of paper. So why did I just marry my boyfriend after pondering it for a mere two hours? One (evidently all-too-common) reason: health insurance. The Frisky: Young Marriage: What's The Rush? 

My now-husband is a bartender and a student whose school's insurance is exorbitant. The man hadn't gone to the doctor in years, living in fear of a major accident or illness. We had lived together for about eight months when I got a job as a reporhter for a newspaper with a kick-ass medical plan. According to my job, a domestic partnership affidavit was standing in the way of my partner having awesome coverage and escaping $8000 worth of retroactive hospital bills. It was a no-brainer. Onto domestic partnership! The Frisky: Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: How Do You Feel About Marriage?

Problem is, the state of Illinois doesn't let you get domestic partnership if you're hetero. ("If they could, no one would get married!" the City Hall employee informed me smugly, as if 1) that fact was actually true and 2) rampant domestic partnerships would mean the end of the world.) Apparently you can't be a part of the "system" if you're queer, and you can't opt out of the "system" if you're straight. It started to seem so ridiculously arbitrary—and unfair! Did I really have to choose between leaving my honey vulnerable to unthinkable medical costs and a measly $50 certificate? The Frisky: Marriage Is Changing, Whether It's Better Or For Worse

The choice was clear. We went ahead and got married. The weird thing wasn't the actual City Hall wedding (it was actually sort of fun!), it was watching people react to the news. Some were angry—"How could you have gotten married without me there?" my best friend implored, crushed. Others were confused—"Really, Nona? I thought you weren't into that sorta stuff." The Frisky: MERRIMe, A New Web Comedy About Online Dating