New Couple Alert: Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner

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Teenage Taylors hitting hockey games and he's visiting her on tour!

Looks like Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner aren't just costars in next year's Valentine's Day. The teenage stars attended a hockey game together on Sunday, and afterward headed back to the hotel where both were staying (in separate rooms). "Taylor Swift was all dolled up and looked super pretty," a source told People magazine. "She didn't seem to mind the attention. Taylor Lautner, on the other hand, was hiding under a hoody."

The couple shot scenes for the ensemble romantic comedy Valentine's Day over the summer, and have been spotted in each other's company frequently since Boy Taylor attended the infamous Video Music Awards in September, where he told press, "I'm excited to see Taylor Swift, of course." We wonder if he offered to punch Kanye West for her afterward.

The Taylors had ice-side seats to Sunday's L.A. Kings game against the Columbus Blue Jackets. It appears Boy Taylor flew in just for the date—Girl Taylor and her driver were seen picking him up at the airport a few hours earlier. Gee, that's sweet. We don't know anyone who actually picks people up at the airport anymore. Mixtapes & 6 Other Obsolete Love Trends

After the game, both Taylors headed back to their Beverly Hills hotel, where Girl Taylor was sharing a room with her mom. Aw, Mooooom. Way to Taylor-block. (This does bring up an interesting new issue in for young folks dating each other. Used to be only gay couples had to worry about both partners having the same name. Now, with the boom of trendy, gender-neutral names like Mackenzie and Dalton and Schuyler, this could become an epidemic.) 5 Tricks To Remembering His Name

We have to wonder, though, if the Taylors were created in some sort of tabloid-industrial complex lab, to be the perfect synthetic subjects of the paparazzi and the editors of Just Jared Jr. They have it all: They're young, gorgeous, rich, successful, and extremely committed to grooming. If you thought Justin and Britney were the Homecoming King and Queen of Hollywood (and, um, we did, in 1999), just wait until She-Taylor shows up at the premiere of New Moon or He-Taylor starts haunting her concerts like Gwyneth Paltrow used to do for Chris Martin. Jeez, it's like witnessing the Big Bang.

Via People. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.