Kanye's VMA Rage: Does Amber Rose Bring Out Worst?

Kanye West Taylor Swift VMA

Kanye West's VMA outburst and red carpet waste make us wonder: are these two good for each other?

The Web is abuzz with Kanye West's embarrassing outburst on MTV's VMAs last night. He's always backing Jay-Z and Beyonce, but to take the mic from Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech? People are saying this time he's gone off the deep end.

Model and girlfriend of seven months Amber Rose, 26, accompanied Kanye, 32, to the show. They both dressed for the red carpet to end all red carpets like it was any other night out. He's getting slammed for his laid-back jeans and jacket, and she was dressed head-to-toe in a skintight jumpsuit inspired by something Steve Irwin would've wrestled.

Other accessories? A bottle of Hennessy. Kanye carried the half-full liter with him all night, including on the red carpet, except for when he upstaged Taylor. Cognac gets you hot-and-bothered, just look: Bossip's shots of Kanye and Amber on the red carpet show them snuggled up and sampling their sexcapades for the cameras. (Hey Amber, we don't want to see your butt. And both of you, knock it off with the soft-porn PDAs.)

Last week paparazzi spotted them out together in Beverly Hills when Kanye told one of them to get lost. As usual Amber looked on in smug fashion, exhibiting an attitude in the tradition of Posh Spice-meets-Paris Hilton. "I am sweet, he is sweet, but mostly I am sweet." This is the spirit in which these two always seem to greet their public.

Kanye's known for being one of the biggest smart-asses in Hollywood, and bisexual Amber seems to further bring out his cockiness. The adage that you attract what you are appears to be true: neither one of these two wants to live by the rules, and they both love to think they're the main attraction.

When Beyonce won her award last night, she pulled Taylor Swift onstage to re-give her acceptance speech.  Kanye got booed and kicked out of the VMAs (btw, remember that in 2007 he said he'd never return). You can check out the clip of him interrupting Taylor Swift here (Viacom has pulled down official footage), and go here to read Kanye's sobered-up apology to Taylor.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.